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Shop Display Systems Ltd aims to provide customer satisfaction in terms of quality and price, speed of delivery and peace of mind to buyers of display equipment.

Our intentions are that our products should be easy to use, easy to order and easy on the pocket.

We focus on providing the products that our name - Shop Display Systems - implies: products to display wares and promotional material.

It is important to us that the vast majority of our products are manufactured in the UK, allowing us to react quickly and also to monitor and maintain quality.

Our products, we believe, are stylish, easy to use, reliable and versatile. Our website is designed to be easy to use, to offer choices and to help you to see exactly what you are ordering.

Kits are easy-to-assemble kits and include poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving, signs and directories and media displays (LCD screens with integral media players).

We offer:

Free standing displays including banner and suspended display frames, dividing screens, upright, lay back and combination ladder displays

Suspended displays on wires (cables) and bars (rods) including poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Wall mounted displays including ladder displays, poster holders, leaflet dispensers, shelving and 'snap' frames

Table or desk top displays including acrylic ticket holders, leaflet dispensers, name plates, and menu holders.

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  1. What (not) to do at Exhibitions
    13 June 2017

    Learning The Ropes

    My colleague & I are somewhat new to the ever-changing world of POS exhibitions. Last week we were fortunate enough to attend the VM & Display Show at the Business Design Centre in Islington. We went with the intention of gaining understanding of the market and reviewing existing products and services, most importantly to be inspired by the whole exhibition experience.

    It was a brilliant day, sun shining and a seemingly simple trip with only a few underground routes to manoeuvre. Being somewhat clueless with all things travel related, I relied heavily on my trusty mobile to navigate me through the busy streets of London.


    I pride myself on being a fairly organised individual (so far that does not show), which is why I packed business cards, writing equipment and even a homemade lunch for the day ahead. Through all the transport and navigation, I seemed to have misplaced my bag. Resulting in no food, no pen, and most annoyingly, no business cards! Business cards are extremely convenient when networking at events, they are a brilliant way to exchange information when in a busy environment.

    The second hiccup of the day came in the form of a low battery notification. With the plan to document the day via Twitter, the only way I was able to continue to take pictures was to put my phone on flight mode. An excellent feature that will prolong battery life if internet usage is not needed. The journey home was surprisingly straight forward…

    Thankfully these mishaps did not disrupt the day too much and we were able to see and learn a lot. These are my five steps to a productive and beneficial exhibition experience:


    Have a wander, see what catches your eye and what stands out. Be curious, do not limit your interest to the focus of relevant products to your company.


    Review what aspects caught your eye and why, discuss the relevance to your company and what positives you can gain. If you’re going solo then this is perhaps kept to you and a notepad, as I am not sure how kindly security will take to somebody babbling alone in the corner.

    Look Again

    Go back, explore in more depth the stands that caught your attention.


    Engage in conversation with as many people as you can. Learn things you did not understand before, educate yourself with all current trends and appreciate the talent and services offered by other companies.


    We left the event inspired and full of ideas! Always remember to document the whole experience, reflect on what, why and how stands and displays worked well.

    Whether your purpose is to exhibit, to buy, to get ideas for products, to review competitor offerings, to get ideas for exhibiting or to kill a few hours. Our number one tip: be prepared!

    What (not) to do at Exhibitions
  2. Your Reception Advertising Checklist
    16 May 2017


    I was a reception host in a previous lifetime. We were making the transition from your standard check-in, to self-check-in and check-out. One aspect of the checking-out process was a self-standing cube to which guests deposit their room keys. Easily moveable, seemingly stable, yet upon its debut an oblivious guest knocked it with a suitcase to the ground. There it was, a sad pile of plastic stripped of its duties.

    We had no choice than to reluctantly order a replacement. With much deliberation, we trialled the infamous cube in numerous locations. By viewing the reception area from a guests’ perspective, we found the perfect location that secured a successful check-out process!

    The Five W’s

    Who is Your Audience?

    Receptions tend to have people of a variety of ages and interests passing through, but the information you are distributing may be beneficial to a specific audience such as professionals, students, parents, patients, guests, visitors, customers... Who have we missed? Know. Your. Audience.

    What Are You Advertising?

    In previous posts, we have discussed visuals, now let’s focus on the practicality of utilising location. What is it that will attract your audience to interact with your poster and/or leaflet stand? What are you wanting to achieve with your information stand?

    Where is the Best Location to Display?

    Take into consideration the common paths people take through the reception area. Is there an area with great visibility throughout the majority of the foyer? With the durability of our literature stands, you are granted the ease, confidence and freedom to decide on a location using trial and error without the concern of a destructive suitcase threatening its existence. Not to mention our excellent wall displays that are perfect for evading such destruction!

    When Will be the Best Time to Attract an Audience?

    This may not be focusing on times you are most busy, bodies may be a natural prevention of people seeing your information. People have active minds and are constantly looking for something to grab their attention. Be that attraction/distraction they are looking for, take advantage of their dwell time and provide a captivating, interesting and perhaps even comical (when relevant) displays of information that will continuously gain interest.

    Doesn’t really answer its own question & say when – there probably isn’t an answer to that anyway! Mostly, a display is not moved away!

    Why Should You Have a Display?

    Print is not dead. Most of us have a smart phone that we are granted infinite information with, yet we predominantly use them to watch cat videos? In busy receptions, receptionists generally do not have the opportunity to offer advice or to ‘sell’. Would you queue up to ask for information or brochures? Use a display to be an extra resource and ensure all relevant information is easily accessible!

    Your Reception Advertising Checklist
  3. Captivating Design Trends of 2017
    10 May 2017


    2017 is well underway, we have made it through the chilly temperatures of the British winter and slowly but surely getting closer to summery sunshine. (Let’s be realistic, it’s England.) We have discussed the importance of colour when advertising, but what use is colour without a cracking design to go with it!? Here are five elements of successful design for 2017.

    We Can’t Get Enough of Colour

    We have already devoted a post to colour, but we cannot leave out the impact on design it will have in 2017! The past few years has seen the popularity of sleek minimalist design using black and white, portraying clarity and elegance. This once powerful visual technique is almost exhausted by the multitude of brands imitating the trend. I believe contrasting colour combined with striking bold design will dominate the designs we see on a day-to-day basis.


    The time we take to digest information is decreasing; statistically our attention span has dropped from twelve seconds to eight since 2000! A successful minimalist design utilises negative space, reducing unnecessary visual complexity to keep from overwhelming the viewer with unnecessary material. A high contrast design creates readable, engaging and efficient content. Make the message of your brand clear by reducing superfluous visual elements.

    Solid Typography

    A picture paints a thousand words, perhaps because we don’t have the attention span to read those words!?Contrasting colour combined with bold striking typography captures the interest of your audience whilst communicating your message. Shout your key message with the bold use of colour, design, and striking typography.

    Bespoke Imagery

    In a world of 7.5 billion humans, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be unique. The need for original images is of upmost importance to maintain authenticity. If relevant to your brand, introduce hand-drawn graphics to your design to personalise and humanise your company. Stop using stock images found on google, add originality to your brand by using an original image!

    Motion Graphics

    With more time and money being invested in digital advertising, moving graphics are perfect for attracting attention to your brand. Motion design is re-shaping the way we indulge in information. Visually, movement is how we characterise personality. Bringing your content to life utilises the technology we have in our hands, it demands attention from a wide audience and will show how modern your brand is!


    In the coming months, we will see the increase of bold colours being used in design. We will continue to see captivating designs portrayed in a minimalist format. The use of animation and GIFs will dominate our news feed and alter the way we perceive information. Think about how you can apply these trends to your branding to ensure a visually successful 2017!

    To cut to the chase and paraphrase to suit the modern attention span –
    Shout your key message with the bold use of colour, design and striking typography.
    Use contrasts and bespoke imagery to demand attention for your brand and to give it personality.
    Don’t overdo it!

    Captivating Design Trends of 2017
  4. The Curiosity of Colour
    28 April 2017


    Whilst paying for my food shop yesterday the cashier wished me a happy new year upon departure. Pardon? It is March, the meteorological calendar says we are in Spring, we are well and truly in 2017. This got me thinking about the trends of 2017, specifically colour.

    COLOUR IS BACK. Please do not misinterpret my love of colour for a lack of appreciation in a beautifully sophisticated piece of design using predominantly black and white. Take Apple and their striking minimalist and captivating identity. 2017 has already seen the vast amount of colour branding new & existing companies, even the Nokia 3310 is making a comeback in an array of colours!

    Colour is about identity and personality within a brand. Currently, there is a universal colour emotion guide for the psychology of colour through marketing and branding. Though I agree with the logic, I believe that colour is more dependent on personal experience.



    EYE CATCHING! Red portrays passion, love and excitement. A strong and energising colour that can also depict anger and aggression. Perfect for capturing the attention of your audience!


    Orange is an alluring colour that combines the power from red and the playfulness of yellow. A motivating colour that is often partnered with adventurous and exciting brands. BEWARE; orange can stimulate hunger, so make sure you have a sarnie at the ready when experimenting with this crazy colour.


    A beautifully optimistic colour that is almost always used to portray happiness and joy. Yellow provides clarity and warmth, McDonald’s being a perfect example of the use of yellow in advertisement! Although, yellow is also used to portray caution; too much encourages overthinking and critical thoughts. Use it wisely!


    I believe green is the most positive colour, portraying growth vitality and harmony. Though a darker shade of green is believed to depict wealth and materialism, I still support my belief of green representing health and natural living!


    Ol’ trusty blue. Because who doesn’t trust Facebook? Blue is predominantly used in marketing for building relationships due to its popularity, a study revealed that 57% of men and 35% of woman said blue was their favourite colour. I am suddenly aware that I am wearing blue trousers, a blue watch, blue socks and even own a blue car..


    Purple is often used to portray royalty but also mystery and spirituality. Combine the power from red and stability of blue, purple is perfect to illustrate creativity and imagination in a brand.


    A soothing alternative to red, providing compassion with a sense of comfort. Pink is sensitive and romantic, which is why it is often used to portray femininity. 


    Brown is interesting, perhaps not the most visually stimulating, it represents honesty, structure and support. An organic honest colour that may be perceived as boring and reserved if used in abundance.


    Absent of all colour, black is perfect for providing bold statements. It is sophisticated and exclusive, pairing well with luxurious products. Black is a contrast of all things colour, which is why it also represents death and evil. Use black, if you dare..


    White grants simplicity, innocence and purity. White creates balance and can be extremely effective to portray a neutral, equality message. Too much white, on the other hand; can lend itself to the feeling of isolation and emptiness.

    Colour Lovers

    Colour is a powerful tool when used wisely, it provides personality to your brand and characterises your product/service. Think of the colours your competitors use and how you perceive them. Take a look at your own brand, what do your colours say about you? Our SDS logo is maroon. A combination of red and purple, used to portray energy, excitement and passion!

    Consider not only the colours you use in your design, but also the multiple possibilities of acrylic colours available to you! There is no right or wrong way to identify colours, so be experimentative and creative. Is it a coincidence that my stomach is screaming for attention as I sit here with orange post-it notes scattered across my desk?

    The Curiosity of Colour
  5. Five and a Half Steps to Open Day Success
    25 April 2017

    Making the Most of Your Information Display

    Though it seems a lifetime ago now, I am still able to remember the excitement and curiosity of visiting multiple Universities for open days. Experiencing the bombardment of information in such a short space of time, I have always wondered what made me join that Rock Climbing society back in 2012.

    1.       Speak Their Language

    Let’s start with an obvious one. You are appealing to students, students that are literally walking around in circles consuming masses of information at an extremely fast pace. Or at least politely nodding and agreeing whilst claiming that sixth free pen of the day. Trends change, interests change, make yourself relevant. Understand the trends of 2017 to cater for the interests of these curious young adults.

    2.       Make It Personal

    Your relevance will provide a refreshing familiarity in a sea of tedious & repetitive information stands. Use your display stand wisely to show off your need-to-know content while at the same time appealing to the existing interests of your target audience.

    A great benefit of our Poster & Leaflet Display is its flexibility and the ease with which content can be changed or rearranged when needed, allowing you the freedom to trial multiple designs.

    3.       Understand Your Audience

    Whilst the all-important target market continue to wonder aimlessly, you must also keep in mind the soon-to-be ex-decision makers, the parents. Appreciate the reluctance students may have to engage in real life conversation and realise that parents may be the key to engagement.

    Know your audience by acknowledging factors that may affect their decisions!

    4.       Be Passionate

    You are the professional, and you know your subject inside out. People trust those who are passionate and knowledgeable in the information being told. It was the enthusiasm of the Rock Climbing instructor that inspired me to join, even though I only made it to one trip!

    5.       Be Consistent

    What are you aiming to achieve? Be it selling products, market research or brand awareness; be clear, consistent and confident with your information to retain interest throughout your event. Display your content using a hierarchy of information, making sure your key message is visible through the busy bunch of bodies.

    ..and always remember, when disposing of all of those empty pen wrappers and coffee cups.. Do not alliterate!

    5.5. Follow Up

    Not everyone is as spontaneous (or gullible) as I am. Expect to follow up potential leads by gathering relevant data such as an email address. Be sure to make a lasting impression! And don’t forget to always review the positives and negatives, utilising the freedom you have with the flexibility of the display.

    Five and a Half Steps to Open Day Success
  6. Be Original, Bespoke
    10 April 2017

    Sell Your Product by Selling Your Product

    We have no doubt that what you are advertising is the best of the best, be it a product, a service or an event.

    Our lives are changing and have been changing for a while now, it’s 2017 already! (Did you know the first iPhone was released ten years ago!?)  Life is fast paced, consumers are instinctive and impulsive. They are more demanding and less forgiving.  We have more choice than ever before. Perhaps too much choice?

    User Experience

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love having choice. In fact I want the freedom to choose exactly what I want!

    How often do you get a true sense of individuality when buying an item or requesting a service? Portray your product with style, with quality, with character.  Make your brand distinctive.  A bespoke display is not only unique in itself, but also makes the products or services you advertise unique by association.

    Consumers will base a purchase on certain criteria such as price and quality; why not introduce another - experience?

    Give the customer a memorable experience of choosing and buying.  Create that lasting impression that will inspire positivity in their memory of your brand. With so many options surrounding the purchasing process, a unique buying experience brings clarity to the consumers decision!

    Make a sales pitch superfluous and allow the customer to decide for themselves what they want to buy. Because after all, isn’t that what we all want?


    Break the ice and engage your customer by using a display that is unique to your brand. Made especially for you. Inspire curiosity, excitement & passion. Encourage an easy familiarity by presenting your product in an individual and unforgettable way. Make their choice an obvious one. A no-brainer.

    You have the best product, service or event - let us help you to introduce it.

    Be Original, Bespoke
  7. Striking Passion in Plastic
    7 April 2017

    The Importance of a Thorough Introduction

    It is two AM, I am host to some dreary not-ready-to-go-home-ers that are eager to eat pizza and fall asleep on my sofa. I walk into my living room and what do I see? Only a table top leaflet dispenser that resembles our own! I could not believe it, I had learned how to make one of these just days before, and now as if to taunt me, one has mysteriously appeared on my living room table. How had it got there!?

    This then caused a fifteen-minute rant about un-polished edges and lazy folding, combined with puzzled faces as to why I knew so much about this usually mundane product. The passion was inspired through the GOYA (get off your arse) attitude of my recent employers.

    Have you ever turned up to a job looking dapper and sophisticated, embraced the numerous firm (but not too firm) handshakes, been given a desk then left to your own devices? With a completely different introduction to a company than my previous roles, I spent a month getting involved with every aspect of the manufacturing process. Thus, giving me first-hand experience and understanding of not only the products manufactured on site, but also the culture and beliefs of the company.

    By physically making the products I found a sense of ownership. I could have sat and researched each and every leaflet dispenser on the world-wide-web but without the GOYA attitude of creating the product, I would have never been able to passionately describe that folded piece of plastic to a room full of tired and confused individuals.

    These introductions are crucial to a company that want to develop passionate employees who enjoy coming to work on a daily basis. We spend thirty percent of our lives working, be passionate about what you do!

    To this day no one is able to explain the arrival date of the baffling table top leaflet dispenser.

    Striking Passion in Plastic
  8. Three Reasons to Support Your Local Businesses
    7 April 2017

    With my first month at SDS shortly coming to an end, the information I am learning seems it has only just begun. Though I could spend hours talking up hundreds of products, why don’t I start with arguably the most brilliant aspect of Shop Display Systems.


    On one of my many learning days with Martyn, I had the opportunity to drop off and pick up some components. On our journey, we visited three locations all within a ten-minute drive of one another. What inspired me the most was the relationship between company and customer; be it the exchange of banter or the reminiscing of past occurrences, it was clear to see a lasting relationship had been solidified over many years of business.

    Custom Made

    The three locations were only the tip of the iceberg for SDS’ vast network of social and economic relationships. This is solely to benefit you, the customer. As you may know, another fantastic aspect of SDS is our ability to adapt our standard products; or to invent completely new ones! Using local suppliers is something that makes Shop Display Systems uniquely versatile and our on-site manufacturing allows us the freedom to design and produce bespoke displays. Your imagination being the only limitation!


    It doesn’t take an environmentalist to know that me popping down the road in my Union Jack Mini will have less impact, and more practicality, than a slow cargo ship from China collecting some freshly nickel-plated brass fixings. By having such a close relationship with fellow manufacturers in the Hampshire & Surrey area, we are able to continue our product diversity without quality control being an issue!

    There are plenty of reasons for the importance of supporting your local businesses, check out ten of them on our Pinterest page here. Whilst you do that, we will continue to source local components to ensure we are manufacturing the best quality products at the best possible price right here in Alton. Sound good?

    Three Reasons to Support Your Local Businesses

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