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We supply printed paper carrier bags all over the world. We specialise in personalised bags to suit your exact requirement and we also hold a wide range of shopping bags in stock in various colours and sizes, and are available immediately.

Our wide range of printed paper carrier bags allow you to choose any size, shape or colour you like with your own company logo and artwork printed on them. All our products are of excellent quality, at a competitive price and with a high standard of service.

Carrier Bags

We supply carrier bags made of Art paper, Kraft paper, cotton and jute. These materials are all manufactured from renewable resources and by purchasing our sturdy, attractive carrier bags, you will be providing your customers with a product they may wish to use again and again in the future.

Printed Bags

Our printed bags come in an array of sizes, colours and styles. Whether you are looking for a small yellow Kraft paper bag with twisted paper handles or a medium sized red cotton bag with cotton handles, we have right bag for you. We offer printed bags with handles made of rope, ribbon, cane, cotton or paper. Our paper handles can be twisted, tape or even die cut into the sides of a paper bag.

Cotton Bags

Shopping Bags Direct are the primary online supplier of cotton bags. Our cotton bags are available in their 100% natural state or dyed in any one of a rainbow of colours. Whether you are looking for a medium sized green cotton bag or a large natural cotton coloured bag, we can supply you with as many bags as you need.

Paper Bags

When you have found the paper bags in the proper size, style and colour, you may want to go one step further. Our bags are more than simply carriers. Customise them with your name, your logo or the details of your best offer. Shopping Bags Direct can custom print your paper bag for you, increasing its functionality.

Gift Bags

We have gift bags that are perfect for any gift or occasion. They are suitable for birthdays, events and holidays. Our gift bags can be personalised to promote your business or product if necessary. We offer specialised gift bags with a number of printing options for each material.

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