Siebec UK Ltd


Siebec UK Ltd, incorporating Weltico UK, is the wholly owned UK subsidiary of the Siebec Group of companies, one of Europe's largest and oldest specialist manufacturers of Chemical Pumps and Filters for Industrial applications.

Weltico is the brand name for pumps and filters for the Spa & Swimming Pool industries.

Siebec Pumps, for handling strong acids, alkalis, and many other chemical solutions, are available as:

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Pump body made of injected plastic (Polypropylene or PVDF)


Industrial Filters

Made of injected plastic (Polypropylene)


Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps with a mechanical seal.

Dosing Pumps

Compact pump to small and medium-speed, ideal for continuous or intermittent dosing.

This pump has been an extensive study of design for perfect ergonomics.

Its translucent cover with swivel and rotor clearance for the fingers allow easy change of the tube without tools and without danger.


Electrolytic recovery

The unit is designed for the electrolytic recovery of metals contained in concentrated or diluted solutions. It finds its principal applications in the recovery of precious metals (Au, Ag, Pd…), however it can also be used for the recovery of toxic metals in waste waters.


Filtering Media

Filter media for industrial surface treatment

Metal Reclaimers

Recovery of metal ions pulled by rinsing water over ion exchangers


Treatment plant effluents

The mini water treatment plants, Minipure, have a modular structure that allows to combine various technologies in order to efficiently treat the different kinds of industrial effluents: pre-filtration, filtration, oil-extraction, active carbon treatment and resin treatment.


Oil Extractor

The container is filled with a charge of 100% Polypropylene microfibres. It is fitted with a 50-micron gauge filter cartridge, which is replaced at the same time as the microfibres. The microfibres develop a wide exchange surface and have a large capacity to hold fats and oils: a 11.5 l charge of microfibres (around 0. Kg) holds an average of 6 litres of oil.


Vertical Pumps

Impeller driven by a long drive shaft with ceramic / ceramic bearing (T101/201)

Closed centrifugal pump impeller with diffuser


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