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Electrical diagnostic testing is the analysis of generator stator, rotor condition and performance utilising non invasive testing techniques. Failure of a plant can result in costly repairs and costly downtime. A planned generator stator, rotor monitoring and test regime is the best insurance against such failures. Siemens Energy can offer a number of diagnostic tests and monitoring regimes to ensure operators have the best possible information to operate their plant safely and reliably. Testing is not limited to El-Cid, HV diagnostics, RSO, end-winding modal analysis, stator bar wedge tightness and high power flux ring test. 

Vibration Diagnostics

We work with the machine dynamics vibration diagnostics both on-site and in-works of rotating element equipment, whether it be power station turbo-generator equipment or industrial applications equipment such as pump shafts, compressors, fans etc.

Our experienced engineers have the understanding of the principles of machine vibration and close familiarity with machine component interaction, principles of operation and can apply this experience to many applications of industrial plant. Our machine dynamics engineers are on hand at any time and anywhere to provide a fully supported engineering service which includes on-site multi-plane balancing, impact resonance testing and vibration diagnostics.

We also have 3 facilities in our works in Newcastle which have the ability to balance rotors up to maximum length of 30 metres and a weight of 300 tonnes. Maximum speed for large rotors is 4500 rev/min and for smaller rotors our capability is 18,000 rev/min.

Non Destructive Testing

Non destructive testing includes the inspection of turbine and generator components using a comprehensive range of techniques many of which have been developed within Siemens for optimised coverage. Our team of technicians have accreditation in accordance with EN 473 and are qualified to a minimum of PCN level 2 utilising both conventional and automated systems.

We have the capability to carry out non destructive testing on a wide variety of components using liquid penetrant, MPI, radiography, eddy current and ultrasonic (phased array, conventional) techniques. NDT plays a vital role in ensuring plant integrity and can provide invaluable information for plant operators with respect to ensuring equipment reliability and planning when replacement components may be required. 

Power Generation

As a reliable power generation company we expect you to receive a high output from your plant and we aim to cut your down times to an absolute minimum. We offer the latest technologies designed to improve operating plant capability, flexibility, competitiveness and profitability.   We are able to identify and rectify faults even before they become an issue with the use of our remote diagnostics and monitoring. We can provide you with commissioning, installation, spare parts and repairs. We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with reliable and continuing support for our global team of over 7000 highly qualified specialists who are dedicated to Siemens power generation

Turbine Services

Turbine services are becoming the way forward to a sustainable energy system. Siemens is generating innovative solutions, services and products with their expertise and knowledge of the global energy market to answer the challenges that arise from the need for new technologies and approaches.

Heavy Machining

Up time is an important factor for an operator, due to this we pay special attention and dedicate ourselves to this aspect. Our twin-shaft gas turbine can be used for heavy machining as well as power generation. It has a capacity of 37MW and an efficiency level of 40%. With outstanding serviceability our new industrial machine uses innovative 3D design techniques.

Power Transmission

Our power transmission portfolio incorporates remote monitoring, scheduled inspections, maintenance, incentives and programs for replacement parts. We are the first to come up with innovative ideas such as network consulting, smart metering and planning. To help solve power transmission challenges in the future we are supplying products and solutions today.  

Company Information

Siemens Energy Service Fossil in the UK, an integral part of the Siemens energy global network of companies, offer a full range of gas turbine, steam turbine and generator plant services.

As part of this business the speciality services project team offer a range of services that compliment our core activities of power plant servicing & upgrades. These special services can be offered as stand alone projects or integrated into service packages for upgrades, overhauls etc, to ensure that critical operating characteristics are monitored.

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