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Siesta Cork Tile believes that cork floor tiles are environmentally friendly, warm and pleasant to the touch and provide excellent insulation. Cork floor tiles are a great choice for flooring as they have many practical uses some of which they don't show the dirt and dust that accumulates like regular flooring does.

Some examples of cork floor tiles we can offer:

  • Acrylic finish
  • Siesta (hard wax finish )
  • Harlequin dark and medium

Coloured Cork Flooring

Described as a wonderful floor to walk on while still being kind to your feet, Coloured cork flooring offer a warm feel and are ideal for insulation from cold and heat. Noise reduction is probably the most important factor of cork flooring as some of our range can reduce sound impact by as much as 13db.

Not just limited to natural cork, Siesta cork tiles can offer 7 different fashionable and transparent colours of coloured cork flooring that can blend in to any interior furnishing.

Cork Wall Tile

Cork wall tiles can be decorative or functional and can help with insulation whether it is heat or sound.

The great thing about cork wall tiles and cork in general is that they are a completely natural product that has no harmful chemicals in it. It is an ideal product for persons who require as natural an environment as possible and still have an aesthetically pleasing look.

Cork Underlayment

Siesta cork tile can offer a variety of cork underlay for floating floor underlayment from 2.0mm thick and is usually laid loose

Rubber Cork Acoustic Underlay

From 2.0mm thick and usually bonded to the sub-floor. Rubber cork acoustic underlay is very effective in reducing airborne and footfall sounds.


Cork Memo Boards

Siesta cork tile specialises in purpose made cork products like our Cork memo boards that can be used in home or work environments.

Cork memo boards make it easy and hassle free to stick up important information on them.

Cork Adhesive

Siesta cork tile are pleased to offer single stick, water-based, cork adhesive for use on natural backed cork tiles. Our cork adhesive does not allow cork tile shrinkage.

Cork adhesive is made from organic materials and Lignasulfate, and can be removed from the wall at any time.

Wood Mosaic Flooring

Wood mosaic flooring is solid wood and is up to 7mm thick and made from the best European oak available. Wood mosaic flooring can be stuck to the sub floor and then lightly sanded and sealed.

If you have any questions about our wood mosaic flooring range please don't hesitate to contact us.

Cork for the Angling Trade

We can supply any product in cork for the angling trade. Providing there are sufficient quantities, any products can be supplied to customers own specification. Our customers are UK, European and worldwide firms. If you send us a sketch and details of the cork handles you require, we will respond quickly with a competitive price in the grade of cork you need.

We offer the same service for handles made-to-your-specification in standard black DUPLON EVA, which is cheaper than cork. Just send us a sketch with main dimensions of the handles you require.

We have a good range of products in stock for rod builders, for immediate supply, they are as follows:-

  • Cork Handles - Styles – 'Full Wells', 'Rev. Half Wells', and 'Western@. 3 grades of cork – 'A', 'Super' and 'Flor'
  • Cylinders & Sections - for you to shape – 50mm, 150mm and 200mm long x various diameters
  • 'Maniform' – Ergonomically design fly rod handle (Worldwide supplied)
  • Cork Rings – for cork handles in 28, 32 and 35mm diameter in 'A', 'Super' and 'Flor' grade. Also in rubber-cork and black Duplon (EVA)
  • Cork Balls – in stock – 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 19mm diameter – ex stock. Any other size to order
  • Cork Handles – 'specials' – many items of non-standard shapes etc. – ask for list
  • Cork Plugs – 12mm long x 6mm diameter
  • Cork Sticks – 50mm long X 6mm diameter
  • Cork Dust – we stock correct grade for boillies
  • Adhesive – space filling polyurethane, cork colour
  • Shrink Sleeve – clear heat shrink with perforation to cover handles
  • Cork Spacer Tape – self-adhesive 1mm thick x 18mm wide. In 20mts. Rolls




Siesta Cork Tile Co., Croydon, CR0 2DP is the main UK importer of Wicanders flooring products. We have been working with Wicanders for the past 40 years and are able to give professional advice on these cork products so you can select the correct type of floor for your home or office.

Siesta Cork Tile Co., are long standing professional cork experts and belong to the UK Cork Industry Federation and we subscribe to their high standards of good quality cork.


Siesta Cork can supply Amorim products - call 020 8683 4055 for more details

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