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We offer aerospace cadmium plating solutions designed to suit the technical aspects of your job as well as meet your needs and objectives. Our cadmium plating techniques have been developed to be cost effective for both small and large volumes of parts.

Our cadmium plating is complemented with our experience of chemistry, metallurgy and electroplating.

Anti-Corrosion Zinc-Nickel

We provide anti-corrosion zinc-nickel touch up coatings for corrosion protection in the aerospace industry. Our anti-corrosion zinc-nickel, LHE® and No Bake® Cadmium allow repairs to be made on site and with little or no disassembly required.

Aerospace Coatings

We specialise in a wide range of surface enhancement coatings including aerospace coatings. We use aerospace coatings on components to provide wear resistance, dimensional restoration and corrosion protection.

Aerospace coatings are used to process components of engines, actuators, landing gear and airframes to increase their ability to perform and extending overall in-service life.

Plating On Titanium

We offer plating on titanium for the aerospace industry. Our SIFCO Process® allows you to precisely, brush plate adherent deposits onto Ti 6-4 and Ti 6-6-2 to improve the surface properties of particular locations on components for either OEM or repair applications.

We use plating on titanium technology to increase the adhesion of the deposit to titanium alloys by effective removal of titanium's passive oxide and micro-roughening to increase surface area.

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