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SIGA (Electronics) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of all types of toroidal wound components, bobbin wound laminated transformer and associated assemblies.

Having been established in 1961, the company has steadily expanded and now occupies its own purpose built, 15,000 sq.ft factory where 50 employees are involved in the production of an increasingly wide range of high quality wound components.

With over 40 years of experience, SIGA is able to manufacture many different kinds of transformer including: laminated transformers, toroidal transformers, E and C- cored transformers, as well as a range of UL Approved transformers.

Laminated Transformers

SIGA manufacture a range of bobbin wound laminated type transformers with power output range extending from 1VA up to 5kVA at a supply frequency of 50Hz.

As shown in the illustrations on our website, various assembly styles are available depending on the size of the transformer. The main dimensions of the transformer are given in the table below along with the approximate power ratings and regulation figures. The difference between the styles is mainly that of the mounting method. Please visit our website to view the styles.

Within these main styles of bobbin wound laminated transformer other options are available, subject to the size of the transformer and type of assembly. Terminations: can be flying leads, bobbin mounted terminals, terminal boards or terminal blocks. Bobbins: can be single or double sections, with or without shrouds. Particularly with double section bobbins, the use of full shrouds provides an increase in creepage and clearance distances. The standard finish is varnish coating and if it is required an additional coat of enveloping varnish can be applied to provide extra protection against moisture.

Toroidal Transformers

The standard toroidal power transformer range is suitable for all normal transformer applications and can cover a range of power outputs from 1VA upto 10KVA when operated from a 50Hz power supply. Transformers can also be supplied for use on 60Hz and 400 Hz supplies.

SIGA transformers are designed and manufactured to optimise the inherent benefits of the toroidal type of construction resulting in increased efficiency and reliability and reduced core losses and radiated field. The range of core sizes available allows the designer greater scope to meet the customers's dimensional requirements.

Please visit our website for more information.

Toroidal Transformers

Ferrite Transformers

SIGA production facilities extend to cover the design, manufacture and test of wound components using the standard types of core available as manufactured from the modern powder magnetic materials.

Ferrite cores can be used in a wide range of toroidal and bobbin wound, inductors and transformers, and a selection of ferrite materials are available to ensure the optimum performance over a range of frequencies.

High frequency transformers and chokes can also be supplied using ferrite core materials in the form of RM cores, pot cores, ring cores and E cores as well as cores in the EP, EFD and ETD ranges.

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Ferrite Transformers

Potted Transformers

Toroids can be potted into circular shells or potting boxes in order to give both additional protection in adverse environmental conditions and to provide an attractive uniform package.

Plastic enclosures may be used, but for some sizes metal shells are available and result in improved electromagnetic and electrostatic screening.

SIGA potted transformers offer the following options in mounting and termination:

  •  Foil wound coils
  •  Central clearance hole
  •  One or more threaded insert


  •  Flexible flying leads
  •  Terminals suitable for PCB mounting
  •  Screw type terminals
Potted Transformers

Special Assemblies

Since SIGA was established nearly 40 years ago, special coil assemblies have formed a significant proportion of our production. The experience and expertise which has been accumulated over this period, has see many ingenious development ideas brought to the production stage. SIGA design engineers work closely with the customer's development engineers to finalise the design necessary to produce non standard wound assemblies for special applications. Although a large variety of non standard assemblies have been produced, the expertise is often applied to the construction and winding techniques for standard type assemblies where special performance or test parameters have been specified.

Please visit our website for a list of special assemblies that can be produced.

Special Assemblies

Medical Isolating Transformers

Isolation Transformer Model EIT-750

Designed and built to comply with the requirements of Medical Equipment Specification, BS EN 60601-1

General Specification

  • 750VA Medical Toroidal Isolation Transformer
  • IEC inlet fused in each line
  • Medical filter on input
  • IEC Outlets 6 way
  • Thermal Circuit Breaker illuminated
  • Inrush current limiting
  • Fused outputs
  • Metal case 260mm W x 345mm D x 130mm H
  • Carrying handles

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Medical Isolating Transformers

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