Sigma Systems


SIGMA SYSTEMS specialise in designing and producing voice intercom systems for situations where reliability is essential.

Our core business is meeting the needs of work teams using air-fed protective suits and hoods, particularly in the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries

The design emphasis is on producing versatile and robust voice communication equipment that provides clear and reliable speech transmission. Speech level and quality is maintained no matter how many parties are connected.

  • Reliable communications in high-noise and difficult situations
  • All-round conference intercom between all team members
  • Headset and loudspeaker modes
  • Full duplex communication between all parties
  • Secure communications
  • Robust build of equipment
  • Choice of headsets for range of applications
  • Multi-team intercom systems with switching links between groups

Our clients include: AEA Technology, Astellas Ireland, BNS Nuclear Services, Boots Pharmaceuticals, British Energy, BNFL, DSRL, Dowty Fuel System, GE Healthcare, Joint European Torus, Kingspan Insulation, PPS Personal Protection Systems, Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engineering, UKAEA.


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