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Here at Signatrol Ltd, we specialise in data loggers and data logging solutions. As well as our vast range of data logging products we offer bespoke solutions.

Signatrol Ltd's range of data loggers includes:

  • Temperature Data Loggers
  • Relative Humidity Data Loggers
  • Pressure Data Loggers
  • Process Control Data loggers
  • Flow Data Loggers
  • Pulse Input Data Loggers

Temperature Data Loggers

We provide temperature data loggers to monitor temperature in a variety of situations from office environments to tracking temperature sensitive products when they are being transported. 

Temperature data loggers can also be used for environmental monitoring - achieving and maintaining comfort levels within buildings and ensuring agreeable working conditions.

Many data loggers are single channel loggers but some can be adapted to work with multiple sensors.

Temperature Data Loggers

Relative Humidity Data Loggers

Our specialist relative humidity data loggers have internal temperature and relative humidity sensors. Our ingenious SL7000 and SL702-128k data loggers enable you to measure in two locations. 

We supply relative humidity data loggers to record humidity and/or temperature to measure comfort levels within offices and work environments and produce graphs at any time on any given date.

Relative Humidity Data Loggers

Process Signals Data Loggers

Our professional software for the SL1000 and SL2100 process signal data loggers are configured for thermocouple input and the SL7000 data logger can be configured for mA, Voltage, thermocouple, Pt100 (RTD) and slidewire inputs.

We provide a broad range of process signal data loggers including:

  • SL7000 Series
  • spYdaq
  • SL1000
  • SL2100
  • SL707
Process Signals Data Loggers

Level, Flow and Pulse Data Loggers

We stock level, flow and pulse data loggers for measuring fluids. These are suitable for checking the levels in a well, bore-hole, reservoir, lake or even a sewage treatment plant. Our level, flow and pulse data loggers accept a volt-free contact or transistor output from a flowmeter allowing you to log flow rates automatically.

Level, Flow and Pulse Data Loggers

Wireless Data Loggers and Monitoring

Wireless monitoring systems are ideal for retro fitting into existing buildings or reducing installation costs. These systems provide almost real time information, data logging, text and email alarm functions and automated reporting, all without the need for manual intervention.


There are three options available. The first is the SPYDAQ-1000 base station that connects via USB to a local computer running the SPYMONITOR software to present the data in a conventional web browser. The next option is the SPYDAQ-1000-CLOUD. This version uses the mobile telephone network to upload readings to our secure, managed servers. These servers provide automated backups and impressive reliability and up time. Access to the data is via your web browser and therefore, accessible anywhere where you have Internet access. The final option is SPYDAQ-1000-MODBUS. This version has a MODBUS interface allowing you to bring wireless signals straight into your building management or SCADA systems

Wireless Data Loggers and Monitoring
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