Sika Ltd

Sika Ltd is part of a global company which is active in the fields of speciality chemicals for industry. Sika manufactures a broad range of adhesive and sealant technologies to satisfy all customer application requirements within a diverse range of industrial markets.

Its primary aim is to provide complete assembly solutions by working in partnership with its customers. This helps them to generate added value on a long-term basis so they retain a competitive advantage at all times.

Sika is committed to quality, service, safety and environmental care. Its world-leading branded products are all proven solutions, backed with comprehensive, commercial, technical and systems engineering support.

Underpinning this approach is the Sika System Solutions package, comprising the Technologies, Services and People. The five core competencies of the Sika Industry Division are:
  • Sealing - minimising flow of dust, gases, liquids, heat & cold between cavities
  • Bonding - connecting different materials permanently and powerfully
  • Damping - reducing oscillations of all wavelengths in fixed and moveable objects
  • Reinforcing - boosting the strength of load-bearing structures exposed to both static and dynamic forces
  • Protecting - increasing the durability of load-bearing structures and preserving the substance of fixed and moveable objects, whether new, renovated or repaired
As a full-range supplier, Sika is "product-neutral", producing its own formulations across a broad technology base for a cost-effective and complete solution. The company¿s experienced market-focussed commercial team combines expertise with detailed knowledge of customers end products and manufacturing processes to provide significant value to all its clients.

Through its comprehensive technical support and customer service, the company works on the joint development of professional and innovative solutions for specific applications and customer requirements. Sika takes a sustainable approach in all its operation through an on-going commitment to high ethical standards and environmental care.

Products and Technologies

1-Component Polyurethane Technology
Heat and moisture-curing polyurethane sealants and adhesives.
  • Sikaflex 200, 300, 600, 800 Series
  • SikaTack
2- Component Polyurethane Technology
2-component polyurethane adhesives.
  • SikaForce 7000 Series
1-Component Polyurethane Hybrid Technology
Silane-terminated, moisture-curing isocyanate-free polyurethane sealants and adhesives.
  • Sikaflex 500 Series
Reactive Acrylic Adhesive Technology
Low-odour, rapid-hardening, flexible 2-component systems.
  • SikaFast 5000 Series
Methyl Methacrylate Structural Adhesives
High strength combined with excellent practical toughness and energy absorption
  • SikaFast 3000 Series
Laminating Adhesive Technology
Water-based and solvent-based panel adhesives for a variety of applications.
  • SikaTherm (laminating)
  • SikaColl (contact and pressure-sensitive)
Hotmelt Adhesive Technology
Reactive and non-reactive hotmelt adhesives.
  • SikaMelt 9000 Series
Butyl Rubber Technology
Butyl rubber-based sealants.
  • SikaLastomer
Silicone Technology
Silicone and flame-lretardant, silicone-based sealants.
  • SikaSil
  • SikaFiresil
Accoustic and Structural Reinforcement Technology
Noise and vibration dampening systems.
  • SikaDamp
  • SikaBaffle
  • SikaSeal
  • Sika Cufadan PU-Red
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