Innovative length, angle and rotational speed measurement technology since 1963!

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Handwheels, geared potentiometers, hollow shaft encoders, linear encoders, length measuring systems, length measuring technology, length measurement, linear measuring systems, Magline, magnetic tapes, magnetic tape systems, magnetic field sensor, magnet rings, magnet sensors, detectors, positioning devices, positioning systems, positioning technology, position measurement, position sensors, compact modular actuators, position encoders, workpiece positioners, goniometers, angle encoders, angle measuring systems, angle positioning devices, actuators, rotary actuators, format adjustment drives, linear actuators, positioning devices, servo drives, spindle drives, adjustment devices, draw-wire encoder, rope length transmitters, wire-actuated encoders, rope length analyser, draw-wire sensors, tackle way receiver, cable actuated position sensors, miniature rope length analysers, miniature draw-wire encoders, rotary encoders, absolute rotary encoders, absolute encoders, absolute value encoders, absolute encoders, encoders, multiturn encoders, angle encoders, rotary pulse generators, rotary incremental encoders, position displays, position counters, spindle position displays, digital position displays, SIKO counters, handwheels, adjusting knobs, graduated knobs, rotary knobs, adjustment knobs

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Non-contact position measurement systems, length measuring equipment, electric drives, analogue position indicators, shaft encoders, digital indicators, electric pulse counters, electromechanical counters, angle measuring devices, ready to install positioning systems

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