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Exceptional Labelling – No Hassle.

Silver Fox labelling solutions are designed to help you work faster, more efficiently and more profitably.

Focused on making customers lives as simple, all our labels are designed and tested alongside engineers to ensure they are the simplest labelling solutions on the market. We only ever choose the best materials and back those choices up with rigorous and demanding independent tests for H2S, UV, Salt Mist Spray and High/Low temperature.

If you work in Electrical, Instrumentation, Security or Data & Telecoms, Silver Fox develop and manufacture labelling solutions designed to make your life easier while also saving you time.

Silver Fox also successfully supply their products to the Rail industry, having achieved the approval from London Underground (LUL) approval.

Whether you are a contractor, up against tight costs and deadlines or an end user wanting to do the job quickly and easily, Silver Fox solutions are a very good fit.

We can supply direct or through our global network of distributors. To find out more please follow the links below or contact our sales team on +44 (0)1707 37 37 27 or email

The simplest Labelling Solution on the market, tested to the highest specs.

All of our labels are driven by the Labacus Innovator Software which customers can try before they buy. The software is preloaded with all label templates and has many options for data input (including copying and pasting, to importing CSV and Excel files). Users can print signs, bar codes and QR Codes at the touch of a button. See more, and download your trial here:

Label options:

  • Tie-on cable labels* (UV stable and LSZH options available) 
  • 2-part - wire markers*
  • Heat shrink wire marking
  • Non-shrink wire marking
  • Optical fibre cable labels
  • Wrap-around self-laminating cable tags*
  • Asset labels
  • Valve tag labels
  • Raised profile labels
  • Equipment and socket labels

*Available in Thermal and Laser options depending on application.

Other custom made factory produced solutions include:

  • Pipe marking identification tape
  • Engraving options – Stainless steel, Acrylic Traffolyte, etc


Printing Options
Depending on label type - use office laser printer or our ‘Plug’n’Play’ thermal printer.


Too busy to print your own? Silver Fox also provide a pre-print service and ‘site ready’ packs.

To find out more, please browse our web site, call our sales team on +44 (0)1707 37 37 27 or email Visit our YouTube page for Product Based help videos.

Thermal Label Solutions and Cable Identification

Silver Fox cable labels are quick, simple and cost effective to use, helping you turn Time into Profit.

We supply wrap-around, two-part and tie-on labels, for thermal and standard office laser printers, plus our market-leading Fox in a Box thermal printing and labelling solution. In each case you can use our Labacus label printing software, making it easy to print cable labels from your data imported.

We can supply direct or through our global network of distributors. If you’re unsure which type of label you need please call our sales team on +44 (0)1707 37 37 27 or email

Our Thermal labels all run through our Plug’N’Play thermal printer, and unlike other label manufacturers, we offer the same thermal ribbon for the entire range of labels which are all driven by the Labacus innovator labelling software.

Thermal labels include:

Fox Flo: LSZH, UV Stable, tie on labels which are suitable for any application Using very high grade material ensures these cables’ long term durability and reliability. Label single cables or cable bundles.

Also independently tested for:

  • Salt Mist Spray,
  • High/Low Temperature,
  • H2S,
  • Accelerated UV - 8000 hours,
  • Smoke Toxicity,
  • Flame Propagation.

Authorised for use for London Underground Limited projects and suitable for any applications where LSZH is specified. Also authorised for use by Network Rail.

Other Labels include: Fox Tie-on cable labels, Valve tags, Asset Labels, Heat Shrink, Non-Shrink, Raised Profile and Wrap-Around Labels, all supplied on rolls, see individual product data sheets for application and testing.

All our tie-on labels use industry standard ties for fixing. We can also help you with those if required.

Thermal Label Solutions and Cable Identification

Laser Label Solutions and Cable Identification

Our laser labels are supplied on A4 sheets and can be printed using any ordinary laser printer.

Driven from Silver Fox’s Labacus Innovator software, users only need the FREE basic level of software to print their labels. Users can seamlessly upgrade to a higher level, Standard, Advanced or Professional at any point. (Trial each level for 3 individual days). Download your trial, FREE, here.

Laser Labels include: Tie-ons, P/TAG, Patch Panel, 2-Part, Wrap Around and Fibre Optic Flag Labels.

All printed labels have been externally tested, see product Data Sheets for more information.

Laser Label Solutions and Cable Identification

Pipe Identification


Pipes containing hazardous/non-hazardous fluids in commercial, industrial and manufacturing environments must be correctly identified. This also makes good sense. But how to do it? The most common methods are paint or pipe identification tape.

Silver Fox Endurance® Pipe Identification Tape

Silver Fox custom produce pipe ID tape to exact customer requirements using highest grade materials. Feedback from engineers is pipe ID tapes can often look and feel very similar. Choosing which will last and which will fail, is often difficult. Our approach is simple: We don’t just claim to use the best materials, we test our finished product in a variety extreme conditions at independent test laboratories.

Independently Tested

At Silver Fox we only every choose the best materials and back those choices up with rigorous and demanding independent tests for H2S, UV, Salt Mist Spray and High/Low temperature.

BS 1710 (BS 4800 colours) & ISO 14726

All our Pipe Identification Tapes comply with British Standard - BS 1710 (BS 4800 colours) and ISO 14726.

Silver Fox Endurance® Modular

Due to its versatility and durability, Endurance® Modular has become a very popular way to label equipment and valves. In support of its durability, it has also undergone independent testing for: H2S, UV, Salt Mist Spray, High/Low temperature. See here for more information:

Pipe Identification

Labacus Innovator Label Printing Software


Labelling software is a vital part of any computerized labelling solution. Our software is not based on any pre-existing “engine”, it is written from the ground upwards. This has enabled us to continuously mould/evolve and improve our software in line with the changing needs and expectations of our users. We also take feedback/ideas from our customers and incorporate those into our software to the benefit of all. Updates are FOC and keep all our users completely up to date. This also protects the initial investment. 

For information on the FOC updates introduced over the past 15 years: 


Silver Fox offer 4 levels of our Labacus Innovator software:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Professional




  • Includes templates for full range of Silver Fox laser labels
  • Copy/paste from any spreadsheets
  • Produce simple builds



The Standard is a very good entry level software, it can be trialed FOC for 3 (SEPARATE) days by downloading the Labacus Basic software.


As for Basic plus:

  • Includes templates for all Silver Fox thermal and laser labels
  • Save/Recall jobs
  • Internal ‘Help’ Videos (Learn Software in 5 minutes)
  • Entry level for Fox-in-a-Box®



The Advanced level is an industry leading flexible and powerful software that will potentially cover most if not all of your needs. Trial this software FOC for 3 (SEPARATE) days as part of the Basic level download.


As for Standard plus:

  • Import csv spreadsheets single column/merge multiple column
  • Multiple entry blocks for fast build construction
  • Sequences with pre-fix and/or suffix
  • Select font sizes
  • Multiple line labels



The Professional level is a high powered labelling software that further builds on the industry leading Advanced level. Trial this software FOC for 3 (SEPARATE) days as part of the Basic level download.


As for Advanced plus:

  • Bar codes and QR codes
  • Graphics
  • Full spreadsheet view on import
  • Variable duplication allowing different quantities if each cable ID
  • Cross-Ferruling functionality
  • Professional Satellite technology offering locked jobs for distant sites
Labacus Innovator Label Printing Software
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