Silverarm Engineering Analysis FEA

    • Silverarm provide analysis services through FEA, finite element anlaysis - computer modelling of stress and thermal response of components, structures and materials.
    • This virtual protyping and testing is cost effective and rapid, reducing physical proptyping stages.
    • We work in conjunction with your product designers
    • Design analysis of your structural, thermal & fluid flow problems, materials selection and failure analysis.
    • Increased competitive advantage through improved product performance.
    • Weight, strength, reliability and thermal performance enhancements/optimisation.
    • Materials selection for ease of manufacture whilst maintaining product capablity.
    • Reduce development and prototyping costs.
    • Re-engineer existing products.
    • Failure analysis of design, materials and process.
    • Analysis: Structural, Fatigue, Thermal and Flow Dynamics. Linear and Non Linear, Static, Dynamic, Linear, Non Linear, Steady State and Transient
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