SilverFoxEnergy provide commercial EPC's to all levels of complexity. We are fully accredited and provide Energy Performance Certificates across the whole of the Midlands. Our SBEM is generated to 2010 Building Regulations.

Commercial EPC records the energy level used within appliances like washing machines and refrigerators providing an A-G rating. Once this rating has been achieved a certificate is then produced.

Our commercial EPC starts from £95.00, if you want an accurate quote you need to provide us with the correct area dimension of your property and what it is used for.

Domestic EPC

SilverFoxEnergy can also provide a domestic EPC and we are the leading provisioning service in the Midlands.

We provide a fast and efficient domestic EPC service and all are done at a very competitive price.

Domestic EPC

EPC in the Midlands

Our complete EPC service covers the Midlands including Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Birmingham as well as all towns and cities in the Midlands area. SilverFoxEnergy can provide full commercial EPC across the Midlands covering Level 3 and Level 4 Building Complex's.We are the West Midlands leading independent Energy Performance Certificate provider. We have no hidden prices so there will be no surprises.

Our Midands-based EPC prices start from one bedroom base and our prices are calculated to include a comprehensive indemnity / insurance cover. Please see the website for the full pricing structure.

EPC in the Midlands

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