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Here at Simco Office, we specialise in static electricity,  the well-known but little understood phenomenon that affects many electronic industries and diverse environments. The build up of static charge can produce potentially dangerous electrical shocks, resulting in the reduction of productivity, machinery jams, fires, and explosions. 

We provide an impressive collection of products to control static electricity in industries including plastics, packaging, converting and printing industries. Our products are sold through an extensive network of competent agents.



Electrostatic Fieldmeters

Our FMX-004 is a market leading electrostatic fieldmeters. It is a convenient, compact and pocket-sized electrostatic fieldmeter. Our fieldmeter enables you to measure and store the field strength and polarity, allowing you to carry out measurements in awkward places. The correct measuring distance is displayed by two integrated LEDs.

Electrostatic Fieldmeters

Static Eliminators

We continuously develop new products and applications including the latest static eliminators. We are driven by our customers and most of our products have been developed with the input of our customers.

We provide an assortment of static eliminators to meet all your requirements including:

  • Anti static bars
  • Ionising air knives
  • Ionising air blowers
  • Ionising air guns
  • Ionising air nozzles
  • Power units
  • Inline ioniser
Static Eliminators

Static Generators

Our advanced static generators systems are ideal for temporarily bonding materials resulting in adhesion between the material surfaces and is brought about by generating an electrostatic charge.

Some of the static generators chargemaster we provide include:

  • CM5-30
  • CM5-60
  • ECM lite
Static Generators

Static Solution

We are often developing new static solution products and applications, our stringent production processes are subjected to quality checks and a meticulous final inspection to ensure a high quality and reliable end-product for our customers.

We have adequate solutions to almost any problem with static solution electricity and our main industries include:

  • Plastics
  • Packaging
  • Printing
  • Converting
  • Automotive
  • Wood and Textiles
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
Static Solution

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