Simmatic Automation Ltd

Simmatic Automation Ltd are experts in vacuum handling and have fifteen years of experience in the innovation of vacuum and pneumatic solutions.

Simmatic's unrivalled and industry leading knowledge and skill with vacuum handling is largely due to their focus on successful, close working partnerships with their suppliers. This now includes VMECA of Korea who have now become a key supplier.

These relationships have enabled Simmatic to enhance their technological expertise and build on the quality of their product range, enhancing them as the one source for all of your vacuum and pneumatic requirements.

Vacuum Cups

Simmatic Automation Limited have an extensive range of vacuum cups and components to suit your every need.

They provide fittings which are particularly useful for curved surfaces and for separating thin sheets of materials in stacks. Also supplied are level compensators which have many enhanced features and strengths including being used to compensate for height differences on the surface of the material. Other components and products in the vacuum cups range include:

  • Floating suction pads
  • Oval curved suctions cups
  • Oval universal suctions cups
  • Sponge suctions cups
  • Deep suctions cups
Vacuum Cups

Vacuum Cartridges

Simmatic Automation Ltd have a range of three exclusive vacuum cartridges.

With features including high tolerance of air pressure fluctuations and with a range of sizes available, the vacuum cartridges are suitable for a wide range of applications. Models include:

  • Midi vacuum cartridge
  • Mini vacuum cartridge
  • Micro vacuum cartridge
Vacuum Cartridges

Vacuum Speeders

If you are looking to choose from an eclectic range of vacuum speeders with a number of enhanced features and strengths, then look no further than Simmatic Automation Ltd.   With an oval curved suctions cup suitable for handling long objects with especially curved surfaces or a single bellows with a large lip, Simmatic Automation have an unrivalled range of vacuum speeders which also includes:
  • Vacuum speeder module - VSMR series
  • Single bellows suction cup
  • Multi bellows suction cup
  • Flat w/cleats suction cup
  • Flat and curve w/cleats
Vacuum Speeders

V Grip Systems

Many objects are difficult to pick up due to having particularly porous materials or being of an unusual shape or size. Simmatic's V-Grip systems can provide the solutions.

Simmatic Automation's V Grip systems are enhanced with the highly productive VMECA vacuum cartridge and the inclusion of soft, durable foam makes it easy to grip surfaces which are uneven. The V Grip systems also feature:

  • Adjustable check valve
  • Max flow settings
  • Lightweight aluminium body frame
  • Low maintenance
V Grip Systems

Vacuum Conveyor

Simmatic Automation's vacuum conveyor systems are of the highest quality with particular efficiency and high durability.

If you need to transport large amounts of raw material between two destinations then this vacuum conveyor system is the perfect product and is applicable to many industry sectors including food, pharmaceuticals and chemical. It includes an incredible range of enhanced features such as:

  • Easy to clean
  • Low noise level
  • Simple to install
  • Compact size
  • Polished stainless steel
Vacuum Conveyor

Valock Systems

Simmatic Automation now supply Valock systems.

A typical installation includes a ball joint which makes the design prone to tilting and shaking; to solve this problem Simmatic utilise special jigs, suction cups and ball joints to match the shape of the Valock system more suitably.

The simmatic Valock system comes with many advantages including automatic positioning and powerful handling for products of all shapes and sizes.

Valock Systems

Water Free Units - WF Series

Simmatic Automation's WF Series of water free units can aid in the protection and removal of up to 99% of any moisture in your airline while minimising pressure loss as a result of its simple dynamic design.

These water free units require absolutely no maintenance or electricity which increases your pneumatic products' durability.


Water Free Units - WF Series

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