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Simms International plc a leading UK distributor, supplying high quality memory and storage products to the UK Industrial, Corporate and Consumer markets. Our goal is to offer a product range from the latest technology to legacy solutions.

Our portfolio includes: SSDs, Memory Cards & USBs, DRAM, Embedded and External storage

Our capabilities are the fundamental business functions and bespoke services we undertake in order to provide solutions that exceed the needs of our customers. We have remained true to them since our inception 25 years ago. These core capabilities evolve constantly so that we can guarantee whatever the touch point is with memory or data storage technology Simms are best placed to serve your needs. Allowing our customers to focus on their core business safe in the knowledge their storage requirements are being handled by experts.

Simms offers a wide range of services which includes:

  • Enterprise and Industrial Memory Expertise
  • Configuration Support
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cost Reduction
  • Technology Migration
  • Technical Support
  • Deal/Project Registration
  • Obsolescence/ PCN
  • Market Development
  • Special Price Notification
  • Quality & Compliance
  • Customisation & Content Upload
  • Call-off Orders
  • Controlled BOM

As a trusted and established wholesale memory distributor, we deal with vendors that share one characteristic - they manufacture the best products in their market. Each of our brands stands for quality, innovation and high standards in manufacturing. This includes: Apricorn, APRO, ATP, CSM, DataLocker, Innodisk, IronKey, Kingston, Novachips, Pretec & Safexs.

Solid State Disk Drives

Solid state disk drive storage is designed to provide high performance, low power consumption, high reliability, high capacity, and deliver high speed sustained sequential read and write performance. As SSD's have no moving parts they have excellent shock and vibration characteristics making them ideal for demanding applicaitiosn in harsh environments. 

Built on high speed SLC/MLC NAND flash and advanced controller technology, industrial grade solid state disk drives are designed for 0°C and -40°C to +85°C operating temperatures.

SSD's are fast becoming the data storage drive of choice given thier advantages over Hard Disk Drives (HDD). SSD's are highly customisabale. Firmware, Hardware and Power settings can all be customised to offer a bespoke solution for users. In addition conformal coating and content upload services are aloso available form certain manufactuerers.

Encrypted Solutions

Simms International are the largest distributor of Encrypted storage solution sin the UK. Brands we resent include Kingston , Datalocker, Apricorn, Ironkey and Safexs. encrypted solutions come in many varieties from simple plug in and play with either password or numeric protection to completely centrally managed solutions where devices can be remotely destroyed anywhere in the world. Capacities range from 4GB up to a whopping 8TB and most come with 256-bit AES military grade encryption which is considered unbreakable.

Embedded Storage Solutions

Simms offer a complete range of embedded modules designed with a small form factor which are ideal for applications with space constraints that demand high performance and capacity. Their small mechanical dimensions help users to either reduce system size or increase system capabilities through the addition of other technology where previously this might not have been an option without a mechanical redesign due to space limitations.

Each of the form factors adhere to industry defined standards and are built to the highest industrial specifications with reliability and data integrity in mind.

We offer BGA SSD, M.2, miniPCIe DOM, mSATA, slimSATA, Disk on Modules

Rugged USB Flash Drives

Simms offer a wide range of rugged USB flash drives constructed with a rounded double layer of metal protection. Rugged USB flash drives are manufactured to be extremely tough and durable and are resistant to fire, water, bullet, and heavy impact.

Our flash drives range have capacities from 1GB up to 128GB and have high performance transfer rates, with easy to use interfaces and encrypted virtual disks.

PCMCIA Cards - ATA Flash, SRAM and Linear Flash

We are a distributor for industrial grade PCMCIA cards, including ATA Flash, SRAM and linear flash.

These flash cards provide innovative technology for mission critical applications in medical and military environments. SRAM cards offer a high performance, re-programmable, non-volatile and solid state memory technology.

Other Products and Services

Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality, reliability and support to the storage industry and ensure all our customers find the best storage solutions perfectly suited to their applications. We guarantee a solution from product inception through to end of life and beyond. In addition to storage solutions our other products and services include:

  • Stock Management
  • Fixed Build of Materials
  • End of Life Notification
  • Part Change Notification
  • Last Time Buy
  • Call-off Orders
  • Evaluation Units
  • Customer Configuration 
  • Duplication
  • Full In-depth Data Sheets
  • Consultation 
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