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Simplicity AI provides a range of advanced technical products and engineering services for test, measurement, control and automation. Solutions span across a whole spectrum of industry areas including, aerospace, defence, electronics, telecoms and medical devices.

Founded by Engineers with a background in test and measurement, Simplicity AI has rapidly built up a reputation for successfully delivering solutions. With particular expertise in developing automatic test and measurement software which is built around the industry standard platforms, Simplicity AI has worked with test equipment and tools providers such as National Instruments, Agilent and Pickering Interfaces.


By applying the latest measurement and automation technology Simplicity AI have created a diverse range of solutions to allow customers to meet their business and technical objectives. Simplicity AI solutions have allowed customers to:

  • Ensure manufactured products constantly meet exacting quality standards
  • Verify complex safety critical aerospace components
  • Accelerate & standardise internal software engineering
  • Increase automation & monitoring of large experimental physics facilities
  • Analyse production test data and report key metrics
  • Protect against equipment obsolescence and reduce the risk from down-time


Tequra - Test Evolution

Tequra is a software suite for test and measurement applications allowing users to develop high-quality software faster, simplify support and maintenance, and facilitate continuous improvement.

The trend in product design and manufacturing is towards increasing product complexity, shorter timescales, squeezed budgets and extended lifecycles. These demands serve to make the task of developing and maintaining test solutions more difficult, putting additional pressure on production managers and test engineers. Tequra was developed to address these challenges, primarily centred around the following areas:

  • Streamlining and error-proofing the software development process
  • Encouraging software component reuse
  • Mitigating equipment obsolescence
  • Verifying that software used to test a product is as it should be
  • Providing a centralised store of test results which can be used to streamline the manufacturing process and drive product quality improvements

The Tequra platform was developed in order to reduce the cost and risk involved with test software development, deployment and maintenance. Additionally, greater insight into test results allows improvements to be fed-back into the product being tested and into the test development process.

The Tequra suite is split into four main areas:

Tequra Requirements

Tools to define and edit requirements and associated data, with linkage into many industry standard tools

Tequra Framework

Components for streamlining test software development and ensuring consistent high-quality data.

Tequra Deployment

A tool for deploying test software and detecting unauthorised modifications at run-time.

Tequra Analytics

A centralised repository for test results which provides production metrics and advanced analysis capabilities.

Tequra - Test Evolution

Software Services

Simplicity AI specialise in developing software for test, measurement, control and automation applications. Highly Accredited engineers utilise the latest development platforms such as LabVIEW and TestStand, best suited for building these demanding systems. In addition, Simplicity AI has extensive experience integrating with existing software systems and migrating legacy code to supportable platforms.

TestStand Development

Simplicity AI have considerable design and development expertise in National Instruments TestStand. With Certified TestStand Architects and Certified TestStand Developers within the engineering team, the company is well placed to produce test software solutions.

LabVIEW Development

National Instruments LabVIEW development is a core skill of the Simplicity AI engineering team, which is demonstrated through the Certified LabVIEW Developer and Certified LabVIEW Architect qualification that members hold.

Database Design

Simplicity AI are experienced in applying database technology into test and measurement. With skills in database design, configuration and interfacing, Simplicity AI are an ideal partner for organisations that need to acquire, organise and analyse large datasets.

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Common Solution Types

Automated Manufacturing Test

Simplicity AI develop solutions to automate the testing of complex manufactured products, allowing consistent quality to be ensured. A particular area of expertise is high value electronics for aerospace and defence, where intensive functional or burn-in testing is required.

Data Logging

Simplicity AI has a wide range of experience in developing software and hardware solutions for acquiring, storing and analysing information from sensors or signals. By integrating COTS signal conditioning and data acquisition hardware with software developed on industry standard platforms such as LabVIEW, advanced custom solutions can be rapidly built.


Simplicity AI is a National Instruments Certified Alliance Partner and therefore has a high level of expertise in National Instruments products such as LabVIEW, TestStand, PXI and CompactRIO. Due to the range of complimentary integration and support services offered, National Instruments regularly recommends Simplicity AI to provide solutions for its customers.

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