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At Simtek we specialise in electronic manufacturing and turnkey solutions with an ethos to assure great service through the electronic manufacturing for concept to delivery. Examples of our turnkey solutions are detailed on our website, in relation to professional audio mixing consoles.

We include the following in our services:

  • Surface mount
  • Conventional circuit assemblies
  • Electromechanical assembly or completed products
  • Optimisation of PCB layout

Surface Mount PCB Assembly

At Simtek, we can provide services for both leaded and lead-free surface mount PCB assembly.

Our surface mount PCB assembly service can be applicable to:

  • Fully procured components
  • Fully free issued
  • Mixture of the two above

 Silver, tin and copper (SAC) solder is the lead free solder paste we provide for surface mount PCB assemblies.

Conventional PCB Assembly & Wave Soldering

Our conventional PCB assembly and wave soldering service complements our surface mount production faculty ideally and we are able to deal with PCB components efficiently.

Leaded or lead-free assemblies can be carried out and our conventional PCB assembly and wave soldering can be enhanced further with the introduction of our Blundell CMS400 wave soldering machine.

Electro Mechanical Assembly & Cable Harness Assembly

We are very capable of supplying an electro mechanical assembly and cable harness assembly service for support of other manufacturing processes. Cable assemblies can be created using many termination methods and electro mechanical assemblies created include:

  • Tuned helical antennas
  • speaker-microphone assemblies
  • battery chargers
  • Visual display chassis.

Our electro mechanical assembly and cable harness assembly processes can be tested to customer specifications and also tested for functional abilities prior to dispatch.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is an alternative process for joining two plastic parts together without fasteners or glue products. With no extra components required and a lack of cure time, ultrasonic welding is very fast with very high strength results.

We predominantly utilise the ultrasonic welding process for PCB assemblies but are very happy to discuss specific tooling requirements and give advice and guidance on joint designs.

Battery Pack Manufacturing

We can provide an efficient battery pack manufacturing service which enables us to produce various battery packs for many users including:

  • Marine safety devices and radios
  • Satellite telemetry equipment
  • Military applications

To optimise our battery pack manufacturing service we source battery cells from the world’s best suppliers with price advantages passed directly down to our customers.

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