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Here at Sipro Automation and Robotics, we standardise on smoother and faster robots and robotics that incur less wear and tear than any other comparable system with only about half as many principal assemblies as a parallelogram robot. Our robots and robotics use direct motor drives and have a robust but lightweight construction enabling them to use less kinetic force that over the life of the robot reduces premature component failure producing an extremely reliable robot capable of many years service. 

Sipro is a robot integrator and channel partner to 3 of the globe's most prestigious and respected robot manufacturers, Kuka, ABB and Motoman enabling us to select from a wider range of robot solutions to suit the most demanding of needs.


Our innovative palletisers make your warehousing safer and enable you to produce a more visible point of sale presentation. Sipro palletisers deliver consistently high impact pallet presentation and stability from the 'base up' irrespective of the pack condition. Our palletisers can handle most types of palletable product including sacks, small bags, boxes and cartons.

Sipro also offer combination 'pick and place' high level palletisers that combine the best attributes from standard high level palletisers and robot palletisers in a single palletiser for greater flexibility and versatility in the work place.


Our stretchwrappers are the perfect solution to reduce cargo damage caused by shifting product. Our stretchwrappers can adjust film tension and rely on the film's constriction properties to firmly secure the pallet load and ensure your products always arrive in pristine condition. They feature a film sealing assembly to neatly seal off the final stretch wrap to ensure a fully secure, integral and secure finished pallet.

We offer a complete range of automated stretch wrap systems comprising turntable, rotary arm and ring type stretch wrap machines offering speeds from 30 - 130 pallets per hour.  All our stretch wrappers can be provided with integral or retro fittable top sheet applicators for further protection of the stretch wrapped load.


Our stretchooder has been designed as the perfect tool for effective stability and protection of your products. The innovative stretchooder has the ability to adjust film tension in five directions and relies on the film's constriction properties to firmly secure the pallet load. Stretchooded pallets are suitable for outdoor storage due to the films inherent water and dustproof properties.

Sipro supplied stretch hooders are highly reliable and consistent in production.  The Sipro stretch hooder is also designed for easy maintenance using a single tool!  Access for changing stretch film reels is available at ground level enabling faster return to production.


We supply an assortment of industrial conveyors to ensure you get the best out of your system. Our conveyoring systems are robust and are suitable for use in all kinds of environments. If you have specific requirements, we can create bespoke solutions to suit the most demanding of tasks.

Sipro's range includes driver roller conveyors, chain conveyors, cross over conveyors, turn table conveyors, line shaft conveyors, zoned conveyors and many more conveyor combinations.  We also provide complete turn key conveyor solutions including plc controlled conveyor systems.

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