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Steel needs special protection against corrosion and there is a range of variables to consider.

The correct type of steel coating can change depending on the environment, preparation and service use. All coatings need to be appropriate to use and application methods, temperature resistance and drying times and recoat times need to be considered. 

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is produced by immersing steel into molten zinc. The steel is coated in zinc metal to provide it with a layer of corrosion protection.

Before the galvanised steel has any coating system applied to it, the steel needs to be properly prepared and treated. The waxy layer on the galvanised steel, a result of the zinc process, is then removed with a variety of washes.


GRP, or Glass Reinforced Plastic, is used in marine applications and is available in two types of products.

The twin pack epoxy creates finishes below the water line and twin pack acrylic makes finishes above the water line where it is necessary to have better gloss and colour retention.

GRP gelcoat gloss to be rubbed down with an abrasive to remove the gloss layer and the surface washed with an epoxy thinner to brighten the surface. GRP, used on boats, should be left for up to seven days before being put back in the water. 

Aluminium and Zintec

All aluminium and zintec products have to pre-treated with a suitable primer to ensure quality adhesion of any further paint systems.

The pre-treatment processes available for aluminium and zintec are a two pack Etch primer consisting of a combination of base and catalyst, and a one pack Etch primer consisting of just a single wash primer.


Wood has many facets and is one of the most versatile building products. It has contracting and expanding properties and provides successful insulation and can be manipulated to produce various tones and textures.

However, wood must be properly cared for or it will deteriorate quickly and loose its appeal. Our ranges of timber protecting products are available and a variety of wood finishes.

We manufacture a range of coatings under the Timprotek brand and these include opaque wood finishes, satin finishes and water based finishes. 

Stone and Concrete

We provide an oil-based coating ideal for stone and concrete applications. It still allows the stone to breath and has micro porous qualities so residual moisture in the substrate can migrate to the atmosphere.

The coating on the stone and concrete structure will not affect the adhesion once it is exposed to the elements and will still allow water to permeate through the coating.

Our coating systems are suitable for cement rendered surfaces, brickwork, roughcast, pebble dash, and asbestos cement sheets.

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