SIV Fire Protection


SIV Fire Protection is a specialist in the installation and application of various fire stopping systems, providing comprehensive fire stopping and sealing solutions to service voids / penetrations, linear gaps and structural movement(expansion) joints.

Fire Stopping Solutions

After many years operating in the passive fire protection sector of the construction industry, SIV Fire Protection has gained a vast amount of experience in all types of passive fire protection and fire stopping systems that are in technical use. This enables SIV Fire Protection to deliver to its clients a supreme service from initial consultation to completion of a contract. SIV Fire Protection provides these services to clients in London and across the UK:

  1. Structural Fire Protection
  2. Fire rated reactive coatings (Intumescent Coatings) to structural steelwork
  3. Fire rated board cladding to structural steelwork (Mineral Fibre Boards and Rigid Boards)
  4. Fire Rated Compartmentation
  5. Fire Stopping
  6. Fire Rated Penetration Sealing

Passive Fire Protection London

SIVPassive  Fire Protection provides professional advice and on-the-spot check for adequate passive fire protection and offers a cost effective solution of refurbishments and upgrades of passive fire protection, fire stopping and thermal insulation systems of existing buildings and premises in order to meet the recent changes in the building regulations and comply with the latest legislative requirements.

Fire Proof Insulation Coatings

As a FIRAS approved specialist, SIV Fire Protection issues a Certificate of Conformity to guarantee to our clients the quality of the passive fire protection installed


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