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We offer a professional, friendly, time-sensitive and cost-effective service. We strive to provide you a topographical surveys service that goes beyond your expectations.

Our topographical surveys are carried out using calibrated Leica © instrumentation. This topographical surveys instrumentation can be used in EDM or ER modes. This enables us to survey areas where access is difficult or impossible (up to 300m). This also means we can survey eaves and ridges of surrounding buildings as those on the original site.

GPS Surveys

GPS surveys enable us to survey large sites effectively and quickly, thus saving you money and time. We are licensed to download and copy OS data and issue drawings to you.

Using Leica © 1200 RTK in our GPS surveys service will give you real-time coordinates to national or local grid values. This means that you can use this data to assess flood risks or to insert into survey plans.

GPS surveys are commonly used in:

  • Real-time setting out
  • GPS surveys for flood risk assessment
  • Large scale topographical surveys at reduced costs
  • Boundary surveys
GPS Surveys

Measured Building Surveys

Measured building surveys are becoming an increasingly important part of the planning process. We use the latest software to make sure the floor plans, elevations and sections are accurate. This will be done regardless the size, shape or age of the property being surveyed.

Our measured building surveys are used in:

  • Roof plans
  • Street scenes
  • Photogrammetry
  • Scaled floor plans
  • General arrangement plans
  • Sections
  • Elevations and internal elevations

We use a combination of PC Tablets, Bluetooth Distos and Latimer CAD Theo LT software and reflectorless instrumentation. By doing so, we will provide an extremely accurate service.

 Measured Building Surveys

GPR/RFL Underground Detection

GPR/RFL underground detection is used in the following:

  • Identification of underground services
  • Accurate position of underground services
  • Accurate depths of underground services

Our GPR/RFL underground detection service uses the latest technology and we are able to trace underground services in real-time. This shows water pipes, cable TV, electric, gas and manhole covers and their depths. These services can be plotted onto drawings and the project can carry on in the confidence of knowing where the underground services are located.

 GPR/RFL Underground Detection
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