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At Eurostat we offer a vast range of packaging alternatives to your current packaging. Including bespoke vacuum formed designs, E-stat dissipative ESD plastic only available from Eurostat. Flexible bag shielding film manufactured by our parent Dou Yee, and in house conductive foam CNC production facility. Providing higher levels of protection at competitive prices that are the same or lower than our competitors. Specialising in ESD (Electrostatic discharge) packaging we ensure there is no damage to sensitive electronic components that will result in failures, reduced reliability and increased rework costs. We can provide:

  • Flexible Packaging solutions including; Bags, film, Shrouds and Tubing
  • Rigid Packaging solutions including; bespoke vacuum formed trays Boxes & Tote Boxes
  • Component and Reel Storage
  • PU & PE Foams
  • Dividers and Holders
  • Labels Signs and Tapes Tools - Clothes - Shoes - Cleaning fluids - chairs - trollies - floor and bench covering - wrist straps - cords and grounding products Plus much, much more.

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Electrostatic discharges (ESD) can damage a sensitive electronic component, resulting in failures, reduced reliability and increased rework costs, or latent component failures of equipment in the field.

ESD can also cause interference with the operation of electronic systems. Static electricity can build up high level voltage in operating environments. Levels above 10 000 Volts are not uncommon, and levels over 30 000 Volts have been recorded. A simple action such as a person getting up from a chair can cause a rise in the body voltage (HBM) up to 10 kV.

ESD produce fast high current waveforms and fast magnetic (H-field) or electrostatic (E-field) disturbances. These can induce voltages or currents in nearby sensitive circuitry, and corrupt data or cause spurious failures.


Customized Rigid Packaging

EUROSTAT GROUP are able to develop customized packaging and shipping trays to handle most PCB's and ESSD's.

As we enjoy control over all aspects of the design and manufacturing process,

having our own sheet extrusion facilities, R&D and tooling department.

Modern moulding, fabrication and assembly lines mean the Eurostat can boast the largest bespoke ESD manufacturing facility in Europe. Due to our ability to control lead-times and cost, we can offer an unrivaled service. If we do not have a standard or common tray to suit, if you require 100 off or 100 000 off speak to our technical sales team.

Customized Rigid Packaging

Components and Reel Storage

  • Cardboard De-Box
  • Plastic Boxes
  • SMD Boxes
  • Foam Box
  • Picking Bins
Components and Reel Storage

ESD Rigid Packaging

This integrated model enables Eurostat to be a dedicated supplier for handling and packing of industrial products sensitive to micro-nuisances and control all the production process.

Over the year, Eurostat has acquired specific industrial know how resulting in some original patent pending industrial processes. Thanks to 40 years of experience in thermoplastic extrusions, Eurostat have engineered some proprietary compounds, such as ESTAT®, to offer appropriate and competitive solutions for the protection against ESD hazards.

Eurostat are involved in partnerships to propose innovative logistic solutions meeting emerging and future customer needs.

ESD Rigid Packaging

Rigid Packaging

Eurostat’s aim is to offer some innovative solutions for the protection of devices sensitive to ESD hazards and particle contamination, during production and shipment phases.

To achieve this target, Eurostat made massive investments in extrusion technology, vacuum forming, assembly and machining of plastic materials.


Rigid Packaging

E-stat dissipative EMI & ESD Bag Range

Universal component bags and pouches from one of the World’s leading manufacturers and converters of film, we provide endless numbers of companies with guaranteed quality products at a competitive price our range includes moisture, corrosion and shielding protection (Faraday cage) to ensure the safe transportation and storage of static sensitive components and sub-assemblies electrical and mechanical.

Aspect safe parts maintained in greaseless, stainless, contamination and cross contamination free packaging.

 E-stat dissipative EMI & ESD Bag Range

Some of our product characteristics:

Environmentally friendly (clay) Non-woven bags with dissipative coating, bags made from permanent dissipative foil for a limitless shelf life, multilayer barrier bags offering exceptional protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI)  electrostatic discharge (ESD) and moisture, enabling packaging of electronic components under vacuum or inert gas instantaneously following production, 2 layers co-lamination, other sizes and 3 layers co-lamination available to order.


Our heat-sealable bags made from pink low tribocharging and dissipative LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) available in a transparent version (minimum order quantity applies).


Any text, picture, label on indication packed inside can be easily read, custom printing and design service available.


Call our Help and order line on 01392 357548

Some of our product characteristics:


The Eurostat Group trainer is a respected senior member, and the voting member for France, of the IEC TC 101 "Electrostatics" international standard committee.
He has years of 'hands on' experience and is an expert in the needs of today's electronic production environment and the requirements to ensure high level of prevention practices.

Our training programs, which are continuously improved and updated can be adapted to individual companies needs and tailored to suit our company and the ESD experience of your employees.

3 levels of training are available :

Level 1 : dedicated to operators, manufacturing support or manufacturing management without engineering background  
Level 2 : dedicated to technicians, engineers, process/equipment support or management with engineering background  
Level 3 : dedicated to technicians or engineers with engineering background and expected to become ESD coordinators or ESD experts

As a complement to the ESD training program, we can also provide contamination control training sessions.


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