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SKF is the leading global supplier of products, solutions and services within rolling bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. Services include technical support, maintenance services, condition monitoring and training. Our products help companies in countless industries extend equipment lifecycles, increase uptime, reduce maintenance and cut total operating costs.

Bearings, units and housings

Recognised worldwide for their superior quality and long service life, SKF ball, roller and plain bearings are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Depending on the bearing type, design and size, many SKF bearings are available in four performance classes: Standard, SKF Explorer, SKF Energy Efficient and SKF super-precision.
SKF Explorer bearings - Reduces environmental impact by enabling downsizing and reducing both lubricant and energy consumption; and can also reduce the need for maintenance and contribute to increased productivity.
SKF Energy Efficient (E2) bearings - Characterised by a frictional moment in the bearing that is at least 30% lower when compared to the same size standard SKF bearing.
SKF super-precision bearings - Designed and manufactured for applications that require a high degree of running accuracy and long bearing service life.
SKF units and housings - Bearing units, which consist of SKF bearings, housings, seals and lubricant, are pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.
Engineered solutions - Bespoke bearings that address specific industry or application issues: Extreme temperature, Solid Oil, INSOCOAT and hybrid bearings.

Sealing solutions

Based on extensive knowledge and experience in material technology, design and manufacturing processes, SKF offers standard seals and custom engineered sealing solutions in a broad range of elastomers, thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers.
Seals for general applications - Includes standard metric rubber outside diameter seals and low friction seals with the SKF WAVE lip design.
Fluid power sealing systems - Includes rod, piston and wiper seals as well as guides, O-rings and back-up rings.
Seals for heavy applications - Includes heavy-duty metal-cased seals, rubber outside diameter seals with metal inserts or fabric-reinforcement and all rubber seals.
Machined seals and customised sealing solutions - Customers benefit from high flexibility and short delivery times.
Specialist solutions - SKF SCOTSEAL, SKF Mudblock cassette seals, V-ring seals, SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE, Metal face seals HDDF and SKF Trackstar seals.

Lubrication solutions

From specialised lubricants to state-of-the-art lubrication systems. Integrated solutions combine our expertise in bearings, seals and condition monitoring with our tribology knowledge – the study of friction, wear and lubrication.
Lubricants – From standard bearing lubricants to products formulated for specific applications.
Automatic lubricators - From single-point to multi-point lubrication units.
Manual lubrication - From grease guns and packers to pumps and meters.
Lubrication services and support - Includes system installation, start-up and maintenance through to oil and grease analysis and training.
Centralised lubrication systems - Feeds lubricant from a central source to the connected points on a machine or machining system. Minimises friction and wear, eliminates potentially unsafe manual lubrication and optimises the amount of lubricant used.

Linear motion solutions

Our extensive experience and knowledge enables us to offer our customers efficient and reliable linear motion solutions. Whatever your needs in terms of guiding, driving, actuation and positioning, SKF has a solution for you.
Guiding solutions
Shaft guidings
- Economical and simple, offering unlimited stroke, self-alignment, adjustable preload and high sealing performance.
Profile rail guides - Designed for unlimited travel, they can withstand moment loads in all directions. Units are ready-to-mount, reliable and easy to maintain.
Precision rail guides - Available in a modular range. Features include different rolling elements cages, high precision, high load-carrying capacity and stiffness, and an anti-creeping system.
Driving solutions
Miniature ball screws
- Compact and easy to mount.
High precision rolled ball screws - Features several re-circulating systems, including long leads for high speed. Also accommodates backlash elimination or preload execution.
Ground ball screws - Combines high precision, rigidity and design flexibility.
Roller screws - Offers high speeds, fast acceleration and extreme precision and rigidity. Backlash elimination or preload execution is also available for increased stiffness.
Actuating solutions
Linear actuators
- Can handle industrial or healthcare applications requiring high load capacities, high operating speeds or quiet, aesthetically designed systems.
Telescopic pillars - Features quiet, robust, powerful and attractive designs.
Rotary actuators - Compact but able to produce high torque, modular to meet special design needs.
Control units - Enables application-focused system control, including connections for foot, hand or desk switches.
Positioning solutions
Miniature slides
- Combines compact design, high carrying capacity and high running accuracy, easy to assemble and offer long lifecycles.
Standard slides - Available in several driven or guided versions, and feature a wide range of strokes and load capacities.
Precision slides - Featuring cast iron tops and bases, and fitted with guides that incorporate crossed roller units driven by pre-loaded planetary roller screws.

Power transmission products

SKF can offer more than other suppliers – a deep understanding of how bearings and power transmission products work together. We apply this knowledge to help maintenance teams identify transmission-related bearing problems, and choose the best products for a given application. The product range includes six main areas: Belts, pulleys, chains, sprockets, couplings, bushings and hubs.
SKF Couplings – A wide range of coupling types, sizes and capacity ratings. For large, heavy-duty applications, SKF Grid and SKF Gear Couplings provide optimum contact with the shaft, and can accommodate high torque values, reduce power loss and minimize the effects of misalignment.
SKF Xtra Power Belts – Can deliver up to 40% more power and up to 40% longer application service life compared to standard wrapped belts.
SKF Xtra Chains - Improves on standard chain benefits by delivering even better performance and longer service life.
SKF Xtra Corrosion Resistant Chains - Superior corrosion resistance for demanding applications.
SKF Xtra Strength Chains - Featuring optimised material hardness, precision component fitting and larger parts, they deliver long service life in the most demanding drive conditions.
SKF Xtra Performance SLR Chains - Interchangeable with standard roller chains, they require no re-lubrication and can substantially reduce elongation in many applications.

Services and related products

From training programmes and logistics to full PdM service contracts with qualified manpower and technology to help maintain your plant, we have expertise in machinery maintenance and asset management, and can help you reduce your operation’s energy usage and improve its sustainability.
Bearing remanufacturing services - Large size bearings are remanufactured to an as-new condition for an extended service life, and substantial cost savings.
Spindle services - Everything from engineering upgrades to spindle analysis, reconditioning and replacement.
Remote monitoring service - Combines SKF condition monitoring tools to collect data, SKF experts to analyse data and the Internet to communicate machine health status for informed decision-making.
Mechanical maintenance – Services include: precision alignment and balancing, lubrication management, bearing failure analysis, technology advice and machine upgrades and bearing installation.
Training programmes – A range of courses all designed to help increase productivity, reduce operating costs and reduce your environmental impact.
Maintenance products – Range includes pullers, fitting tools, heaters and oil injection equipment.
Basic condition monitoring products – Helps users spot-check machines and establish trends to identify problems early before they result in costly, unplanned downtime.
Portable data collectors and analyzers – The SKF Microlog series can perform predictive maintenance on a range of rotating machinery. Route-based systems are supported by SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite software.
Online surveillance and protection - SKF Multilog series automatically collects vibration and process data 24/7, transmits data into the SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite and alerts plant personnel to machine condition changes.
Electric motor monitoring - SKF/Baker offers a range of products for static testing and dynamic motor monitoring to help maintenance professionals detect electric motor problems prior to failure.
Shaft alignment tools - Advanced technologies to detect and correct shaft misalignment, quickly and easily.
Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) - An effective programme to help operators record, report and initiate timely corrective actions for degrading equipment.
Wireless condition monitoring - Ideal for monitoring assets in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas, or geographically large locations such as tank farms and refineries.

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