Skyler Shah Peak Performance Life Coach


“I change lives. I help people to realise their dreams and reconnect with their potential. I help them to know that everything is possible, and that they have the power to choose whichever possibility they want to live.”

I am a coach, and when I say this I don’t mean it’s my job. It is who I am. I will connect with your deepest level. Show you yourself in high-definition; blissful graces and devastating flaws, and all because I believe in you. I will accept you, and love you for who you are. I will guide you through the darkest maze, and be your torch when the signposts are unclear. And drag you through the fire when you feel all too comfortable sitting beside it.


I say it how it is and have no problem calling you on your excuses. I will confront your weaknesses and place on a podium the things you take for granted. If you’re looking for a tweed-wearing, whale-song-playing life coach then I am not the person for you.

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