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Skyline Rope Access Ltd have earned a reputation for providing businesses and organisations with a fully comprehensive rope access service, combined with positive can-do approach, striving to go beyond our clients expectations, so whatever the service you need, we will provide you the specialist knowledge, an innovative approach & an experienced & energetic team of managers & operators to solve your difficult access problems.

We can offer any of the following services:

  • Structural Maintenance & Repair
  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Geo-technical
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Mast Chimney Access
  • Removal of unsafe material at height
  • Installation & decommissioning of signs & banners
  • Anchor point installation & testing
  • High Level pest control & bird deterrents
  • Supervision of Clients for working at height
  • Height Safety training

High Level Cleaning

Skyline Rope Access provides specialist teams of high level cleaners to tackle those internal and external problems that can only be solved by rope access.

Typically this type of work may include,

  • Windows
  • Cladding
  • Gutters
  • Signs
  • Atriums
  • High level steelwork,
  • Full builders' cleans,
  • Guano removal,
  • Pressure washing

The company undertakes contracts for regular cleaning for many high-rise buildings across Britain but is equally at home for one-off cleans.

High Level Cleaning

High Level Maintenance

Skyline Rope Access offers a single source and cost effective solution for those high level maintenance projects that facility managers have to address to protect building degradation with subsequent loss of investment and to safeguard the general public.

Rope access enables all those problems that involve working at height to be addressed quickly and economically with minimum disruption to each client. Solutions can be quickly implemented and dismantled safely - without risk to the public - and those costs generated by complicated project management reduced.

Skyline Rope Access has the skills and qualified personnel for many repair at height problems including:-

  • High level interior and exterior cleaning,
  • Localised brick and concrete repair,
  • Cladding repair, High level painting,
  • Sealant installation and reinstatement,
  • Guttering and down pipe repair.

If you require maintenance work to be carried out at height the Skyline Rope Access is the company to do it with its specialist skills in Coating applications, sealant installation and reinstatement and cladding repairs all provided from a single source experienced company.

Spot Inspections at Height

Rope access is sometimes the only way to carry out spot inspections at height.

It provides a fast solution to initial inspection when potential problems are identified or when the workmanship and safety of new buildings needs to be examined, providing a detailed inspection solution for those projects where scaffolding or other alternatives are impractical. Typically these may be high rise buildings, bridges, towers, masts and chimneys.

Rope access abseiling is sometimes the only practical solution for internal high chamber inspection, shafts or tunnels where a confined space may be a problem.

Skyline Rope Access have a full range of inspection services available to check safety of the fabric of an existing or new structure and can provide the evidence of the quality of a building. These include:-

  • A Simple Visual Inspection
  • A more in-depth inspection to examine safety and quality issues
  • Full inspection using photography and video filming

Experienced inspection teams can provide reports that clearly presents their findings, using photographic evidence (still or video camera) and drawings to support the findings.

Spot Inspections at Height

Geotechnical Solutions

Skyline Rope Access has a wealth of experience in geotechnical work associated with large civil engineering or construction sites to make working areas safe, particularly where steep slopes or rock faces are close.

Roped access teams can operate more efficiently and safer than any other access method and offers a significantly lower cost alternative to conventional methods.

Skyline Rope Access has expertise in:-

  • Descaling rock outcrops and cliffs,
  • Removal of loose material and vegetation,
  • Installation of rock nails and rock anchors,
  • Installation and repair of rock fall protection netting,
  • Installation of advanced avalanche protection systems.
  • Installation and repair of bio netting

Skyline Rope Access provides a single source service for all geotechnical solutions to minimise project management costs and to ensure that projects are completed with a minimum of fuss, safely and to budget.

Geotechnical Solutions

Fall Protection Training

Skyline Rope Access maintains an extensive indoor training facility at its Welsh head office. It is conveniently situated one mile north of Junction 32 on the M4 on the main North to South Wales trunk road (A470) making it convenient for most people in Wales and the West of England.

All our instructors have extensive experience in most aspects of high access safety and are fully qualified in their specialist disciplines.

Programs are tailored to client's needs and include:-

  • Fall protection awareness and practical application
  • Fall Protection for managers and supervisors
  • Rooftop safety and awareness
  • Tower and mast climbing techniques
  • Safe use of mobile towers
  • Safe use of ladders and steps

Specialist programmes are available for all Levels of IRATA accreditation in partnership with our specialist training partner - Dragon Safety Systems

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