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If you are looking for a land surveyor in Buckinghamshire, look no further. Our dedicated team of land surveyors in Buckinghamshire have a wide range of equipment to enable them to carry out measurements quickly and accurately.

Our equipment includes:

  • Robotic total stations
  • Laser distance measurers
  • Traditional tape measures

Land Surveyor London

As experienced land surveyors in London, we use high quality robotic total stations and laser distance measurers to achieve accurate measurements. Our land surveyors in London can still use traditional tape measures to collect the data required for survey drawings.

Land Surveyor London

Land Surveyor South East

Our land surveyors in the South East are highly experienced and are able to completely understand the needs of the client. Whether you require surveys done on a small private garden or a huge city centre, our land surveyors in the South East can adapt their method to suit the conditions.

Land Surveyor South East

Engineering Surveys

We have our own subcontractor who provides expert underground service tracing. Our engineering surveys will provide you with complete databases which include the service tracing.

We carry out engineering surveys in three main areas:

  • Visual inspection
  • Archive records
  • Full service tracing
Engineering Surveys

Architectural Surveys

We carry out our architectural surveys on buildings of any type or age. We can perform architectural surveys on post-modern tower blocks, historic buildings, warehouses and office blocks.

Architectural Surveys

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