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Slimline designed the original aluminium retail display systems to meet the needs of a more advanced and sophisticated display system for store interiors.

Our retail display systems are designed in a variety of flexible structures and are a highly cost-effective alternative for perimeter and free standing display units. They can be integrated with both vertical and horizontal capabilities and are available as modular retail systems, retail shelving systems, and ferrule retail displays.

Slimline Aluminium Systems

Slimline's high quality aluminium systems are available in horizontal and vertical profiles and suitable for a diversity of freestanding and perimeter units.

Our range of slimline aluminium systems includes Slimline Original, Slimline Aluminium, Slimline Slatwall, and Slimline Mosaic. 

Slimline Aluminium Systems

Slimline Socket Systems

Our outstanding slimline socket systems are a single point system to provide a nominal way of displaying items and merchandise on vertical surfaces such as pillars and walls.

Slimline socket systems can also be used in horizontal surfaces like floors and plinths.

Slimline Socket Systems

Slimline Bespoke

Slimline bespoke systems provide a flexible and adaptable means of personalising your display systems and are available in a diversity of shape, colour and range.

Our slimline bespoke packages offer an innovative and unique chance for retail and commercial markets to create stunning interiors.

Slimline Bespoke

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