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Pentagon Plastics supply plastic injection moulding services throughout Sussex, the South East, Nationwide and Northern Europe. Other services include plastic injection mould toolmaking, rapid mould tool making, rapid plastic prototyping and cheap rapid toolmaking. We are also happy to undertake customers low volume plastic injection moulding demands in addition to high volume requirements.

The company, based in Sussex UK has traded successfully for many years having been established in 1972 to service customers requiring prototyping and development as well as short run production. Through continuous improvement we can meet all of our customer needs including multi-cavity tooling with higher volume production.

Injection Moulding

Our extensive Mould Shop offers a comprehensive range of moulding machines up to 280 tonne clamp force. To assist scheduling, providing the customer with the best possible service, we have purposely staged the sizing of our moulding machines so that all of the tools will go on at least two different machines. This allows flexibility to meet those urgent requirements. Regular investment ensures that the staff and machinery deliver a quality product in the timescales required.

Good working practises and a strong technical ability allow us to provide our service for the simplest jobs through to the most complicated technical moulding. Together with good housekeeping that lends itself to medical moulding and a flexible approach we create customer confidence to build long term partnerships.


The Toolroom manufactures and services the mould tools supplied into our Mould Shop and is an integral part of the service that we offer. Regular investment ensures that the staff and machinery deliver quality mould tools that produce products that meet or exceed their expectations. Our approach ensures that the tools are built to a high standard and are maintained between runs as well as prioritising tool breakdowns to provide optimum turn around on production runs.

Rapid Prototyping West Sussex

Currently a managed service with our selected business partner extending our traditional Prototyping and Development service we now provide three dimensional parts produced direct from CAD data. The advancements in technology mean that you can now not only have a part in your hand within a week of finished model data being available but that part can be of a material that will enable it to be tested for both fit and function.

There are two main advantages that this service can deliver for our customers: -   1. Confidence that the part designed will be right visually and functionally before moving to production tooling.
2. Early promotion of a product; therefore, the payback on your investment can start at a much earlier time.

Injection Moulding Prototyping and Development

The company was first formed as Small Batch Plastics to offer potential customers a service for prototyping and development of injection moulded parts from simple modular inserts or basic full mould tools. This traditional method of moving from concept to a finish moulded part in the material that you require is still widely used by our business partners and compliments our Rapid Prototyping service.


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