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Your introduction to Smart Poster could not be more exciting. We provide smart posters as a truly unique and cutting-edge marketing solution. Smart posters convey a vivid message to a wide scope of people using NFC (near field communication) technology.

A real introduction to smart poster includes divulging the secret to their success. It all relies upon a small NFC tag embedded within the Enlighten smart poster system. This tiny tag can be programmed full of information from your contact details, website URL to social media resources and special offers.

The spread and triumph of smart posters are also due to their ability to emit a low-powered radio signal to interact with all NFC-enabled smartphone and transmits data from the poster's NFC tag to the handset with a single, close proximity tap of the screen.


In more detail, NFC, or Near Field Communication, is innovative technology using radio waves over short distances to connect smart posters to smartphones-allowing users to download the information stored in the poster's NFC tag.

NFC has the potential to actually change the way people interact with organisations, campaigns and promotional messages and provides marketing with a powerful, new future.

The possibilities provided by NFC are limitless. We have seen the change contactless, electronic payment has made to the way we purchase goods and services. NFC technology is set to greatly influence the way information is delivered and advertised to consumers by the leisure and retail industry.


Enlighten Smart Posters

Enlighten smart posters are at the forefront of new proximity marketing. Englighten smart posters deliver messages instantly, direct to a target audience in an ultra stylish and innovative way.

Not only do Englighten smart posters and NFC technology offer the next generation in poster signage, they also look aesthetically seductive and are energy efficient too. Smart posters are displayed in a sleek, back-lit, sustainable frame embedded with rare earth magnets and covered with an acrylic face.

The eco-friendly, beautiful design drives sales and attracts higher footfall. The Englighten smart posters sit flush to the wall with no visible fixings and are available in standard A paper sizes, from A5 to A1.

Enlighten Smart Posters

Enlighten Touchpoints

Enlighten touchpoints feature the same fresh NFC technology as a smart poster, but are an ideal solution for a tap and touch application where space is limited but engagement is still essential.

They are the perfect solution for checkpoints, as part of an interactive trail in a theme park or placed inside a shop window for customer engagement.

Enlighten touchpoints measure only 60mm x 120mm and produced in 3mm thick reverse printed acrylic.

Enlighten Touchpoints

Interior and Exterior Displays

Smart posters offer so many possibilities and a huge wealth of potential is open to you when you wish to incorporate one into your design. Interior and exterior displays can have massive capacities and our various designs will help you choose what type of smart poster will be best for you.

Out interior and exterior displays have a warranted life of 50,000 hours and each individual smart poster can be custom designed to suit every organisation and campaign or supplied with a black or white border as standard.

Smart posters are easily changed on site and once the NFC tag has been programmed it is tamper-proof and highly secure, giving you peace of mind the right message is always being displayed.

Interior and Exterior Displays

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