i-Net Applications Ltd is a UK based company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting the SMARTCALL Noodle and SMARTCALL Voice-Net ranges of Advanced Telephone Call Recording Systems for businesses. We have over 10 years experience developing telephone call recording products and detailed knowledge of PBX phone systems. As well as selling complete systems, we offer a Recording Rental option aimed at smaller businesses who need the protection of Call Recording Systems and can supply a recorder for a fixed monthly outlay to spread costs.

Recording Interfaces Supported

Our SMARTCALL Voice-Net Recording Products are built using the latest Microsoft software tools and are designed to operate on standard servers. Supporting open standards, Voice-Net call recording products are designed to work with all Telephony, CRM and CTI products and can record telephone trunks, analogue or digital phone extensions, Voice over IP telephony and also mobile phones. As well as offering standard VoIP Recording we can provide Hosted VoIP Recording. We have also developed fully integrated VoIP recording to Aastra/Ericsson MD110 systems and to Mitel 3300 VoIP systems using the Mitel Secure Recording Connection (SRC).

SMARTCALL Voice-Net and Noodle Call Recorders

Voice-Net recording application software operates on platforms with standard Windows operating systems installed on i-Net supplied hardware. This hardware is chosen and tested to ensure full compatibility with the specialized recording hardware necessary to record phone conversations on the recording interface you choose. SMARTCALL Voice-Net Pro and Enterprise platforms are available with optional Dual Hot-swap Power Supplies and RAID 1, RAID 5 or RAID 6 hard disk configurations as required. The entry level SMARTCALL Noodle and the low end SMARTCALL Voice-Net Lite systems are supplied as single box recording solutions using a PC tower case. Larger Voice-Net systems use 19 inch rack-mount hardware, available in 1U, 2U or 4U variants depending upon the number of recording channels configured in the box.

A Scalable, Enterprise Wide Recording Solution

SMARTCALL Voice-Net Enterprise allows networking of multiple Voice-Net machines ensuring that your call recording solution is fully scalable as your business expands. Call Recordings from any number of recording nodes spread across multiple sites an thus be consolidated into a central recording archive. Our call recording solutions are used by both national and multi-national corporations.

Web Search and Replay of Recordings

SMARTCALL Voice-Net's OneView web server based software provides quick, easy search and replay of your call recordings across the network from a standard web browser. There is no need to install any proprietary replay software on the desktop as OneView allows replay of recordings using your PC's standard sound hardware. If the Business Data Collection option is used, then call recordings can be found instantly by searching using this unique data stored in the recording database.

Performance Quality Monitoring and Assessment

SMARTCALL Voice-Net Assessor has been developed as one of the most powerful performance management tools available today. Used in conjunction with the SMARTCALL Voice-Net call recording product range and integrated with the Voice-Net OneView web replay software, it has been designed to specifically address the needs of the Call Centre industry. Assessor is a comprehensive, easy to use flexible performance assessment tool with inbuilt reporting. Because Assessor uses thin client technology running from a standard web browser, it can be rolled out to users instantly using Microsoft ClickOnce deployment technology.

Business Data Collection and CRM Integration

SMARTCALL Voice-Net DATALINK is a powerful interface for the capture of business data for storage with call recordings. Designed with security in mind, DATALINK’s fully configurable interface allows users to enter key business data to be stored with the recording which enhances recording retrieval. For environments where consistent data entry is vital, DATALINK applications can be locked down with mandatory field completion. CRM integration is provided using our CRM-Link web URL link sending option. For users requiring more control over recordings and data collection, DATALINK can be onfigured to give full control over data entry and the option to keep or delete the last call recording. DATALINK is a browser application and so is easy to deploy and configure.

PCI DSS Compliance for Protection of Sensitive Credit Card Data

SMARTCALL Voice-Net's Recording Control API provides a managed start, stop and pause of the call recorder while taking credit card details to guarantee full compliance with the new PCI DSS requirements from Visa. Recording control can be accomplished by use of the DATALINK out of the box applications or by using the API to integrate recording control directly with your business applications. A tick-tone replaces the paused segment of the recorded conversation such that call recording length and duration is preserved.


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