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Smartstreets Ltd are designers and manufacturers of litter bins, cigarette bins, chewing gum bins, bicycle parking and litter campaign support materials.

Unique, award winning, products which will help you deliver cleaner urban, business and campus environments.

Smartstreets-Smartbins Twin Bin, Post Mount

Smartstreets-Smartbins™ clamp around any size or shape of lamp post or sign post, to create networks of consistently positioned disposal facilities for cigarette and gum litter without adding clutter to the street scene.

Made of recycled aluminium and stainless steel, the Smartbin is an architecturally sensitive design which enables the creation of easily located networks of micro litter disposal facilities by making use of existing infrastructure. Smartstreets products are designed to complement traditional or contemporary street scenes and have been proven effective in hundreds of cities around the world.

Smartstreets-Smartbins Solo Bin, Wall Mount

Smartstreets-Smartbins™ may also be wall mounted as solo cigarette bin units to offer a consistent facility where sign posts and lamp posts are not present. Branding is possible with laser etching of logos on the stainless steel badge plate and RAL colour matching, special fixings are possible. Smartstreets have also developed a unique, quick release wall mount Smartbin which can be put out in the day and taken indoors at night for added security (Patent Applied).

Smartstreets-Smartbins Solo Bin, Railing Mount

Smartstreets-Smartbins™ can be railing mounted using special brackets which leave no fixings on view. Brackets are available for most sizes and configurations of railings.

Smartstreets-Smartbins Solo or Twin Bin, Plinth Mount

Contact Smartstreets™ for an extensive range of new fixings and installation options for its range of cigarette bins and gum bins. These include solid stainless steel plinths which can made to specification for installation.

Smartstreets-Smartbins Twin Bin, Short Post Mount

Smartstreets design and supply a range of short posts with drag bars or base plates at various sizes for permanent or quick removal installation into flower beds, lawns, pavements or other areas where no walls, lamp posts or sign posts are present.

Smartstreets Smartbins Twin Bin, Freestanding/Portable

Smartstreets have created heavy bases which enable customers to move Smartbin cigarette disposal facilities in or outside - example uses as bins for queues, tourist attractions, Town Halls, Guildhalls, events and night clubs.

Smartstreets-Smartbins Solo Bin, Wall Mount (Internal)

Freestanding or wall mount units can also be specified just as chewing gum bins for use inside museums and galleries and other internal, public spaces where floor surfaces can become damaged chewed gum.

Smartstreets-Cyclepark Quick Install Bicycle Parking

A versatile, hoop style, quick install bicycle park designed to clamp around various sizes of sign posts, bollards, fence or lamp posts to transform existing street furniture into secure bicycle parking for one or two bicycles.

Made from stainless steel the Cyclepark bicycle hoop fits in minutes and can be branded for Councils or private sponsors. Call for options for wall mounting, post, bollard and/or railing mounting solutions.

Smartstreets-Minibins Generic Pocket Ashtrays (From Stock)

Soft pocket ashtrays suitable for disposing of cigarette ends and gum. Safe, clean, reusable. Generic Minibins are available from stock.

A personal litter disposal solution for staff, visitors with a clean environmental message. Minibins are proven to help keep streets and business premises clearer, for longer. Smartstreets also offer signage, posters, and shelf cards to complement the Minibin dispenser format to help communicate where the Minibijns can be collected (or purchased) from.

Smartstreets-Minibins Bespoke Print Pocket Ashtrays

Smartstreets-Minibins™ bespoke pocket ashtray service creates a Minibin design and a dispenser box specially for you to promote your brand and/or message.

Safe, clean and reusable, Minibins can be printed up to four colours with bespoke graphics (subject to minimum orders and lead times). They are made of biodegradable EVA foam (soft to the touch and easy to keep in your pocket).

The distribution or sale of Minibins offer a safe, clean and extremely effective means to promote considerate disposal of cigarette ends and chewed gum. Please call for access to gallery of examples.

Smartstreets-Minibin Costumes Bespoke Tabard Style Costumes

Smartstreets-Minibins Costumes are made to order to match your generic or bespoke print minibin costume. One size and made of foam - these costumes will help attract attention on campaign days photo calls. Please call for details.

Smartstreets-Gumstick Gum Board Bin For Chewed Gum Disposal

The Smartstreets-Gumstick™ is a stainless steel gum disposal device which can be mounted onto walls, lamp posts, sign posts and railings inside or outside.

The Gumsticks holds specially printed recycled cardboard sheets onto which the public can press their chewed gum as a means of disposal. Cleansing crews simply unlock the unit and remove the card with the gum attached at intervals and replace with a fresh gumsheet.

An EC Registered Design – the Gumstick is proven effective for reducing the amount of chewed gum deposited on pavements in high footfall areas in Councils across the UK. The unit is lockable, raises awareness of the problem and encourages considerate disposal without detriment to the street scene. Featuring 24 colourful engaging card designs to keep the presentation engaging.

Smartstreets-Gumsheets Biodegradable Card Sheets (For Use in the Gumstick)

Smartstreets-Gumsheets come as boxes of 100 specially designed, disposable card sheets which fit securely within the Gumstick unit.

Featuring 20, colourful engaging designs. Subject to minimum orders Gumsheets can be produced with sponsors logos.

Smartstreets-Gumwrappers Gum Sheet Packs For Promoting Considerate Gum Disposal

Smartstreets-Gumwrappers™ are packs of foil papers specifically designed to promote the considerate disposal of chewed gum. They are pocket size and presented in neat desktop dispensers to encourage gum chewers to take and keep a pack with them to then wrap and dispose of chewed gum in a suitable bin instead of dropping it onto the pavement.

Smartstreets-Smartscoop¿ Generic, Disposable Poop Scoops (From Stock)

Smartstreets-Smartscoops™ are packs of ten specially designed, pocket size poop scoops specifically designed to promote considerate disposal of dog mess.

Disposable, biodegradable poop scoops which make it easier for pet owners to do the right thing and help keep pavements and walkways clean and safe.

Smartstreets-Smartscoop Bespoke Print, Promotional, Disposable Poop Scoops (From Stock)

Bespoke Smartstreets-Smartscoops™ are designed specially for each customer subject to minimum orders. Designed and printed as packs of ten, pocket size poop scoops which can be used to promote considerate disposal of dog mess in public areas.

Smartstreets-Treadsign Bespoke Print Pavement Graphics

Smartstreets-Treadsign bespoke print signage offers robust non slip graphics for internal or external use on walkways and pavements. Our service includes designing them to suit your message and colours. The size and colours can be altered to meet exactly to your requirements.

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