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The provision of electronic repair solutions and services is our core business. Our Repair Centre provides high quality volume repair solutions, including RoHS compliancy to the electronics industry, covering a wide variety of technologies and market sectors.

Our services are supported by a team who are dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction. We provide a single point of customer contact for all customer orders and enquire's.

Repair of Complex Electronic Equipment

We have considerable expertise in the repair of complex electronic equipment, working closely with manufacturers and service centres. The Repair Centre provides high quality volume repair solutions covering a variety of PCB, digital memory and processors, PCs, video products and telephony interface cards.

Every product that enters the Repair Centre follows a meticulous process, covering:

  • Receipt Inspection
  • Rework and Update
  • Refurbishment
  • Functional Test
  • Product Configuration
  • Repair
  • Quality Inspection
  • Tracking and Reporting

System Assembly and Configuration

The Repair Centre is able to offer a product pre-staging, configuration and test service for all electronic equipment. This service is particularly suitable for products that require unique customer software and data configuration prior to delivery. This service provides the opportunity to reduce costs by dramatically reducing the receipt of faulty equipment, installation and commissioning time. 

The benefits of systems assembly and configuration are:

  • A turn-key installation process as a result of building and proving the system prior to dispatch
  • Ensure a 'Right-First-Time' and 'Plug and Play' of systems delivered
  • The opportunity for customer acceptance testing in a controlled environment within the Repair Centre
  • A focal point for customers training and development as it will enable your team to broaden their capabilities and maximise return on training investment
  • Reduction in extraneous waste packaging materials delivered to site
  • Marshalling of system components prior to dispatching of the complete system

Factory Refurbishment

Working in partnership our other service offerings will not only maintain your products to the highest level but will extend service life through refurbishment and modification. We at SMS Product Services recognise that your customer's satisfaction is critical to business growth and in today's economic climate maximising investment through prolonged service is a must.

Specialist Third Party Vendor Management

The Repair Centre has vast experience in managing multiple repair vendors. Its systems and processes can help organizations relieve the pressure associated with multiple vendors through:

  • Single point of contact for all repair activity
  • Monitor and enforcement of Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Manage processes and procedures
  • Warranty management

Reporting & Performance Management

Product status and performance management reports can be provided to enable quick and efficient analysis of the contract details and provide the information needed by our customers for business decision making.

A range of reports can be generated and tailored to individual customer requirements, including:
  • Number of receipts
  • Number of dispatches
  • Performance against SLA
  • Number of No Fault Found
  • Details of faults found
  • Rectification details (components replaced etc.)
  • Usage reports
  • Performance reports 

Reports can be supplied either on a weekly or monthly basis to our customers.

Second User Systems

Complex systems both new and second user can be assembled and configured to your individual requirements, customer approvals can be achieved prior to dispatch and installation. 

Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution

Our Logistics team offers a dedicated support service for companies who need to store, distribute and deliver electronic equipment anywhere in the UK. The Logistics Service includes:

  • SMS Product Services has a Central Store in Nottingham and Regional stores throughout the UK  enabling quick and easy distribution of components and parts
  • Customers are offered same-day and next-day delivery services throughout the UK. Online tracking facility also provides online proof of delivery
  • Atechnical exchange service is also offered.  Using a distribution network, faulty items can be forwarded to the Central Store for repair or disposal
  • Our stock control system ensures that the stores are stocked to agreed levels, and re-stocked when items reach a minimum level. Customers are able to evaluate their inventory of items and to increase or decrease stockholding at one or all of the stores. This negates the need for you to have  your own dedicated secure storage facilities
  • Our Advance Replacement service can be utilised to deliver your equipment directly to the point of use, enabling downtime to be minimised

WEEE - Recovery, Waste Recycling Unit and Certified Disposal

We can recover, recycle and certify disposal of your waste electrical and electronic equipment, in line with current WEEE regulations through our recycling partner.

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