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GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic (Fiberglass)), Anti-Slip flooring has been used in industrial and commercial environments for some considerable time. It provides an excellent safeguard against the potential for slips leading to accidents, injury and often compensation claims.  It can be used anywhere there is a potential slip hazard.

Anti-Slip Stair Treads

GRP anti–slip stair treads and noses provide a quick, safe & effective solution to worn, slippery and uneven steps; easily installed by simply using adhesive and / or mechanical fixing they’re a robust, durable and extremely slip resistant product. Contrasting edge details (usually high visibility white or yellow, or even luminescent colours) can be incorporated too. An ideal solution to Health & Safety problems!

Anti-Vandal Glazing

Fybaglaze GRP glazing products are among the toughest glazing panels available. They are manufactured using high quality resins and fibreglass making the panels virtually indestructible, with a high resistance to impact, wind loading, shock and manual attack whilst maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

Sandwich Panels

GRP Fybacore panels are manufactured by press bonding Fybatex GRP onto a range of core materials to produce an attractive, yet functional, cladding / infill solution for a wide variety of new build and refurbishment applications. These panels, an alternative to Trespa, are tailor made to suit individual customer requirements; a combination of thickness, colour and surface texture can be incorporated to provide a wide choice of design configurations.

Solid Colour Panels

GRP FYBATEX panels are manufactured by combining hundreds of thousands of glass strands with pigmented thermoset UV resins, to produce an immensely strong and durable GRP sheet whilst maintaining an attractive appearance

Trenches and Cable Trays

Are you looking to install a traditional concrete trench system?

Do you need trench liners for a simple earth dug trench?

Smyth Composites are a supplier of GRP trenches and cable trays.

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