Softstart UK Ltd

Softstart UK is dedicated to the supply of solutions to the starting, protection and control of AC motors, offering a vast wealth of experience in the planning, development and application of all motor starting solutions.

Our desire is to help provide solutions to automation problems, to this end we work closely with our clients in selecting the right package to meet needs and customer satisfaction is our most important emphasis, after all "nobody remembers you for your good work but everyone can recall your mistakes".

We offer one of the most comprehensive packages of Soft Starters available today, with ratings from 8A to 1800A and in voltages spanning 200,400,575,690 and 1000VAC in the low voltage ratings and 1500-15800VAC in Medium Voltage ratings. Low voltage starters are available as standard modules to be mounted in an enclosure or a choice of IP54 and IP66 enclosures. Medium voltage starters are available as OEM kits or stand alone Medium Voltage Systems.

Our knowledge covers applications such as Mining, Marine (Bow Thrusters, LNG Pumping, Propulsion, Military), offshore Oil and Gas, Compressors, Crushers, Pumps, Fans, Conveyors etc.

Challenge us today and see if we can't offer you the correct solution for your starting problems.

Softstart UK Ltd Overview