Sol Protection Services


In this day and age due to increased crime and terrorism, Close Protection has become a necessity for high profile individuals and their families. With this in mind, Sol Protection Services was established to provide security services for your needs.

Sol Protection Services is a provider of Close Protection and security services including surveillance to organizations and individual clients be it corporate or celebrity throughout the UK and Europe.

Offering a complete and confidential package to encompass all of your security requirements. Our members of staff are trained to the highest level with industry standards and are all licenced frontline operatives with the Security Industry Authority, therefore protection will always be carried out in a positive and confident manner.

The level of protection that you require depends on the level and nature of the threat, and therefore an accurate threat assessment is vital. The quality of protection creates a safe environment which facilitates the clients life with the minimum of disruption.

With more people than ever before living a high profile lifestyle, attracting the wrong kind of attention from stalkers, intrusive media and criminal elements is an increasing threat to personal safety and that of your family.

Sol Protection Services offer tailor made Protection Services to suit your particular personal, families or business needs, giving you the extra security and peace of mind to lead a full and normal life.

We offer maximum security with a minimum of fuss and intrusion. Our Protection Operatives are trained to blend in with the environment so that you can go about your normal routine without obstruction, knowing you are in safe hands and that that any potential threats are being identified and dealt with by experts, dedicated to your safety.

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