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Solarlux manufacture folding doors which allows you to maximise your open space. A 5m wide folding door can be folded down to a width of 1.5m.

Solarlux produce folding doors from aluminium, wood and a mixture of wood and aluminuim.

We can produce folding doors to any size allowing us to meet individual requirements.

Balcony Glazing

Solarlux produce balcony glazing that creates additional living space on your balcony.  

Our Balcony Glazing protects you from harsh weather but allows you to truly enjoy the sunshine but opening up your balcony .

You can even save money on heating by installing our balcony glazing as it acts as a heat buffer.

Balcony Glazing

Winter Gardens

Our wintergarden allows you to enjoy maximum daylight and whilst having extra living space.

 We manufacture a variety of roof designs which allows you to select the Wintergarden that best matches your needs.

All of our wintergarden roofing systems can be combined with our folding glass doors, allowing you to get the most of your wintergarden in all weathers.

Winter Gardens

Curtain Walls

Solarlux manufacture curtain walls that can transform your balcony.

Our curtain walls act as an additional outer skin that protects the building structure against the elements and improve energy efficiency.

Curtain Walls

Glass Canopy

A Solarlux glass canopy offers both protection and openness.

We have three types of glass canopy:

  • one with our transparent SL25 all-glass slide-and-turn system
  • one with the framed SL25R
  • or one with the uninsulated SL35 folding glass door.

For further information on any of the above please visit our website.

Glass Canopy

Horizontally Sliding Wall

Horizontally Sliding Walls push back into a discrete parking area. Therefore the individual glass panels disappear, making them very different from glass folding doors.

Horizontally Sliding Walls work perfectly as commercial fronts, or partitioning walls. They provide flexible and open room solutions form any requirement.

Horizontally Sliding Wall
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