Solid Roof Conservatories Ltd


Manufactured in the UK, the Guardian Solid Conservatory Roof offers outstanding insulation with an aesthetically pleasing tiled roof finish. 

Cool in Summer

Hot in winter
Reduced heating bills
Reduced rain noise
Extra living space to your home
New build or retro-fit solutions
Wide range of roof tiles
Choice of internal finish
Optional sky light Fakro windows

A conservatory is a great investment in your home and will be enjoyed all year round. If you are looking to add value to your home then the Guardian™ Conservatory Roof is the perfect addition. The Guardian™ roof allows you to have an extension to your living space that you can use all year round. Externally the Guardian™ Roof is aesthetically superior to its conventional rival, insofar as its tiles and cappings are streamlined and unobtrusive. Not relying on bulky portal frames, concrete or brick columns, its lightweight facet provides for more options in relation to window and door selection.

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