Solution Cornwall Ltd


Solution Cornwall Ltd owns and operates World of Clean.

We have carefully selected professional cleaners which have the best performance and value.

Many products have been developed by and are unique to Solution. We continuouslly work to develop the next generation in cleaning products.   Stringent testing are carried out before being added to the site.

The team, behind Solution have years of hands-on experience in the cleaning industry.  The senior management team are equipped to appraise each product and also to provide the best technical support and ‘real-world’ advice in the industry.

Deodorisers and Sanitisers

We provide quality Solutions For The Control, Removal & Treatment Of Moulds, Bacteria, Algae, Odours & Other Pathogens

Bonnets and Pads

We provide Rotary and Oscillating Pads and Bonnets for all your cleaning needs.

Foggers and Sprayers

We provide the Solution to Spraying and Fogging

Vacuum Cleaning

We provide the solution for all your vacuum cleaner and accessory needs

Hard Floor Cleaning

We provide Wood & Stone Floor Care from Nu-life

Mopping & Microfibre (Duotex Range)

We provide the Solution that brings you the Duotex® range of Advanced Microfibre products and accessories.

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