Sound Control Services


Our range of Acoustic Systems lead the way in Architectural Acoustics. From a single Acoustic panel to a full room lining system, acoustic door sets, flooring to acoustic ceilings we have something to suit all requirements.

Acoustic Foam

We supply industrial & studio grade acoustic foam & thermal absorption foams that are available in various densities, thickness's and with a number of facings for demanding applications.  

The foams range from budget priced Sound foam S to high density, water resistant Sound Dead foam offering premium performance, and specialist composite foam materials & products. All acoustic foam is available with a self-adhesive backing.

Acoustic Blanket & Acoustic Jacket

The quilted noise insulation blanket are extremely flexible, durable and fire resistant . They have bound & sewn edges and are supplied in standard sheet form or supplied tailor made to suit your individual requirement. They have a high density noise barrier core (either lead or polymeric) surrounded by glass fibre and encapsulated in a high performance oil & water resistant material. They can be made with a silicone coated waterproof covering for outdoor use & If required, supplied with velcro, eyelets or other fixings 

These high performance Acoustic Blankets can be used as soundproofing noise barrier curtains, under bonnet vehicle installation, plant equipment, industrial pumps etc.

Acoustic Tiles

 A range of acoustic tiles are available for recording studios, sports halls, theatres or office and home, they are excellent at reducing reverberation and are easy to install. There are Basotect Foam tiles, that can be supplied profiled into various shapes such as egg crate, or our Acuphon fabric covered tile that have exceptional wear capability and robust enough to be used in high impact areas such as sports venues & schools etc.

Vibration Damping Materials

Vibration Damping Mats
We supply 2 different types of adhesive backed Vibration Damping Mats. These materials are designed to reduce vibration in sheet metal and other resonant surfaces. They also improve sound insulation by adding mass to the structure.

Sound Damping Steel
Sound Damping Steel is manufactured from two layers of sheet steel bound together with a thin energy absorbing visco-elastic core. The core is designed to reduce sound transmission loss by eliminating resonance. It is used extensively for manufacturing Waste extractors, chutes, hoppers, storage bins, conveyors, ventilation ducts etc.

Sound Damping Compound
Sound Damping Compound is a water based co-polymer emulsion with various inorganic material fillers. It is easy to apply using commonly available spray equipment, small areas may also be trowelled. As a monolithic material it is easily applied around complex shapes.

Flexible Noise Barriers

The barrier mats are very flexible, high density, polymer based, asphalt free acoustic membrane which provides an excellent acoustic insulation for many construction elements. They are available with a built in self adhesive layer enabling to be applied direct onto most construction surfaces. They are especially suitable for the following applications:

  • Airborne noise insulation for ceilings, walls & floors
  • Reduction of impact noise levels in all types of frameworks & floating floors
  • For industrial uses such as soundproofing booths to the insulation of machine rooms, drainpipes, acoustic dampening of sheet metals
  • We also sell a marine grade barrier for use between floors and walls on ships

Acoustic Floors & Doors

We supply several types of acoustic doors in either timber or steel. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are available with a rating up to Rw53dB. They are manufactured to the highest standards and are extremely robust. They are also available with a fire rating.

We are approved distributors for Monarfloor Acoustic Flooring, and supply the full range of products to enable compliance with Part E of the Building regulations.

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