Finding reliable supply partners and building successful sourcing and manufacturing relationships in other countries can be a difficult and time consuming challenge. With our extensive experience and well established network of qualified East European manufacturers and suppliers in locations with low-cost manufacturing such as Bulgaria and Turkey, we can help to deal with that challenge and save clients time and money. We find the right suppliers to match the client’s needs, manage projects, build and maintain strong relationships and support on-going business. We do this without any upfront costs for clients, as we benefit from the success of the projects with the suppliers, so we are highly motivated to help make your sourcing, outsourcing and manufacturing projects in Eastern Europe succeed. Please send us your enquiry or contact us for more information.


Calling all project managers! Are you looking for outsourcing manufacturers? We provide comprehensive services to aid clients in managing the sourcing and outsourcing of all projects.

Our services can keep your costs at an all time low, whilst keeping quality and service at a premium. We represent suppliers based in countries with lower cost manufacturing, mainly in Eastern Europe, covering a wide range of services and manufacturing capabilities. No matter what your sourcing or outsourcing requirement may be, we have a vast network of manufacturers and suppliers in all industry areas.

They include:

  • Tool Making (injection moulding, blow moulding, sand casting, die casting)
  • Casting (sand casting, investment casting, die casting; iron, steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous alloys)
  • Plastic Moulding (injection moulding – single-, 2- and 3-shot, BMC, SMC, rubber)
  • Fabrication (steel, stainless steel, aluminium)
  • Machining
  • Machine Building
  • Painting and Plating
  • Plywood Forming and Machining

Product Sourcing

For product sourcing, we deliver the ultimate service. We provide you with the best opportunity to source products directly from the manufacturer. This allows for the most direct commercial route, with better quality control and unique possibilities for the customisation of products.

You can choose from our existing range of products, or send us your enquiry for a particular product and let us find you the most appropriate supplier.

Our range includes:

  • Luminaires (office lights, industrial lights, LED products, garden lights, decorative lighting, eX lights)
  • Electronic ballasts abd LED controls
  • Explosion proof equipment
  • Electrical equipment (low-, medium- and high-voltage switchgear, power supplies, isolators, wire looms)
  • Control panels and cabinets
  • Racking and shelving
  • Steel vessels
  • Bottle washing machines
  • Shuttering and scaffolding
  • Wooden furniture
  • Lifting equipment (electric hoists, cranes, pallet trucks, forklift trucks)  
Product Sourcing

Manufacturing Outsourcing

If you are looking for manufacturing outsourcing, we will present you with the most diverse and high-quality manufacturer options.

Our network of suppliers comprises of manufacturers with a variety of capabilities. We organise the setting up or the moving of separate operations, or of entire product production to a location and manufacturer of your choice.

Our vast network of manufacturers covers:

  • Tool making
  • Casting
  • Plastic moulding
  • Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Machine building
  • Painting and plating
  • Plywood forming and machining
Manufacturing Outsourcing


For luminaires, we provide the complete service. We offer an extensive variety of luminaires and other lighting products for home, office and industrial use, both for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our suppliers are manufacturers with the highest quality standards and many years of experience in the industry. Order products from their standard range, or rely on their extensive engineering experience to make modifications to existing products or even set up the production of a new product to your own design and requirements.

Our standard range of lighting products includes:

  • Office lights - luminaires for office and public buildings, high-performance louvers/diffusers, energy saving options, surface/recessed/suspended mounting
  • Industrial lighting - lights for industrial buildings and applications, dust and water protected lights, explosion proof lights
  • Outdoor lighting - garden lights, street lights, park lights, LED outdoor lighting
  • Signalling lights - LED EXIT signs, warning lights, beacons
  • Decorative lights - LED and halogen spot lights and strip lights, different colours and finishes
  • Automotive lights - lights and indicators for forklift trucks and other slow-moving vehicles
  • Electronic ballasts - electronic ballasts for fluorescent lights and controls for LED lights, protection, power control

Electrical Equipment

We also specialise in electrical equipment. We have a number of suppliers specialising in the manufacture of low, medium and high-voltage electrical equipment, including components and complete products.

The main categories of electrical products we offer are:

  • Circuit breakers - MCB, MCCB
  • Indirect protection devices - RCD, surge arresters
  • Contactors
  • Switches - micro switches, snap-action switches, program switches
  • Disconnectors - disconnectors, push buttons, stop buttons
  • Safety devices and isolating switches
  • Porcelain, electroporcelain, ceramic isolators and elements
  • Fuses and protectors
  • Power supplies
  • Transformers
  • Distribution boxes
  • Consumer units
  • Control panels
  • Industrial plugs
  • Mini audio speakers - alnico/ferrite magnet speakers, micro and super thin speakers
  • Cable harnesses
  • Contact parts - carbon brushes, silver contacts
  • Toroidal coils
  • Components - terminals and terminal blocks, resistors, cable tips and shoes, couplings, contact elements, glands
Electrical Equipment

Explosion Proof Equipment

We offer a wide range of eX-e, eX-d and eX-ie ATEX-certified products:

  • Lights (ceiling mounted, wall mounted, pipe mounted, hand-held)
  • EXIT signs
  • Distribution boxes
  • Push buttons
  • Control panels
  • Starters
  • Sensors
  • Electric hoists

Besides the products from their standard range, our suppliers are ready to make or even design a product to your own requirements.

Explosion Proof Equipment

Steel Vessels and Machinery for the Food Industry

All products are manufactured to customer specification, and full quality control documentation is provided. Standard range products are also available.

Steel Vessels and Machinery for the Food Industry

Shuttering and Scaffolding

Shuttering and Scaffolding

Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

Wooden Furniture and Components

Wooden Furniture and Components

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