South Coast Diesels

SOUTH COAST DIESELS have been established since 1990 and supply the UK and export markets.

We supply the Ministry of Defence, among many others, with diesel engines from 100 h.p. to 5000hp (possibly above!).

Free quotations on request for all heavy plant and marine equipment, including truck engines, bus engines, coach engines, van engines, gearboxes, differentials, axles and propshafts.

Revolutionary economic electric car - first in England fitted with Lithium/Cobalt space-technology batteries.
Fully tested over last 6 months.

Car is available LHD and RHD and will cover 1000 miles on £5.00 of electricity at *current prices'!!!
No road tax · No congestion charge in London · No pollution

Body eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, composite and is recyclable.
Range over 65 miles with top speed 45mph.

Ideal town, country, city commuter.
Minimal maintenance · 12 months full warranty
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