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South West Communications Group was started up in Exeter, Devon, in 1983, by the company’s chief executive officer and chairman Tony Rowe, as a provider of business telephone systems. Since then, we have grown, both in size and technological expertise, to meet an ever-changing demand for more efficient, secure, scalable, cost-effective, and reliable communication solutions. We now provide the latest in voice, connectivity and data centre solutions.

Business Telephone Systems

We help businesses replace Telephone Systems that are no longer sufficient for their needs or who are struggling with a system that is obsolete or entering its end of life period.

There are plenty of businesses happily using out-of-date telephone systems, but that is shattered when their obsolete telephone systems fail as the best they can hope for is that someone can patch it up somehow or they can find a fix on Internet technical forums.

Telephone Lines and Calls

We are able to adopt your existing telephone lines immediately, regardless of the existing rental contract term. We conduct a full line audit at the point of line transfer to ensure that we only adopt the lines and services you wish to continue using and eliminate existing sundry charges for services you no longer require.

Unified Communications

Unified communications provides businesses and organisations with the opportunity to use converged IT and communications technology to enable collaboration from anywhere in the world.

The same technology can be used to create new revenue streams and improve customer satisfaction by connecting people to the right resources and information, securely and cost-effectively.

Business Mobiles

We offer bespoke mobile connectivity solutions that reflect the diversity of your business needs by using a blend of simple pay-as-you-consume services, cost-effective business bundles for group or single users, and all-inclusive packages with unlimited calls and texts alongside flexible data options.

Internet Connectivity

It is vital that any business broadband service provides fast and reliable access to email, websites and other Internet services. Our high-speed, reliable Internet access solutions are specifically designed to serve the high service levels demanded by our business users and are accompanied by a support package that will ensure you remain online at all times.

Data networks

We are specialists in both fixed and wireless LANs, WANs and VPNs, often incorporating point to point microwave connectivity, wide-ranging WiMAX solutions and revenue generating WiFi hotspots.

Modern day businesses and organisations need constant access to communication and a whole host of resources to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors by getting the most out of more streamlined and cost-effective working practices

Wireless netwroks

Wireless networks help businesses boost their employees’ productivity by giving them real-time access to files, emails, applications and other network resources while still enabling them to roam in and around the workplace, even in areas where a connection to a wired network may be challenging such as a forecourt or external area.

Installation is quick and easy resulting in a wireless network that is truly scalable as new employees can be added and offices can be reconfigured easily and cost-effectively as there is no dedicated wiring to the individual work station.

Microsoft Office 365 & cloud services

We offer a range of cloud-based services to suit the modern business.

Microsoft Office 365 is the latest product we have added to our cloud offerings to provide your business with all the applications they are used to - Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Skype for Business, etc - while giving you the support to migrate you from your current platform and to assist you if you face any hurdles in the future.

Our other cloud-based solutions ensure your business remains protected against spam, web-based viruses and malware threats that lie in wait either attached to or embedded in an email or behind the seemingly innocent facade of a website.

Co-location services

Our flexible and scalable co-location service enables our customers to host their own server equipment within our data centre.

We install your equipment in our rack space, available on a per U basis, connect the appropriate amount of power, and supply multi-homed Internet bandwidth from 1Mbps to 1Gbps. Effectively this means that customer servers co-located in the data centre are always on, always secure and always available to the web.

Managed servers

Just the thought of a few hours, days or even longer without access to your business data or email clearly illustrates how important your servers are to you as any downtime means work can simply grind to a halt.

Servers need to be kept clean and at the right temperature, maintained regularly, protected from unauthorised access, connected to a smooth and uninterruptible power supply and efficiently linked to your network.

Disaster recovery & business continuity

Protecting your business from potentially devastating data loss will present you with the choice of investing in either disaster recovery (DR) or business continuity or both. How you make that choice has to be based on how long your business can cope without access to the applications and data it normally relies on. For many companies the main culprits for data loss are employees who make daily calls to their IT managers looking for a document they have deleted by mistake. More devastating though is the loss of data through hardware, software or application system failure. DR helps businesses rewind the clock back to a time before the loss occurred and then retrieving it so they can continue their work. Business continuity allows businesses to carry on working despite data loss as all the data is replicated on separate machines, so it can be accessed immediately and the end user will not notice the difference. For some businesses, a blend of DR and business continuity may be appropriate to ensure against all these eventualities.

Our data centre

In 2001, we designed and implemented the first purpose-built, dedicated server hosting data centre in the South West of England. This multi-million pound facility in Exeter offers a highly resilient Cisco infrastructure with no single point of failure. We provide stringent security, controlled environmental conditions, clean power, fire prevention and network connectivity. It currently accommodates 120 cabinets, with the capacity to quadruple this amount as demand continues to grow. It is maintained by a certified networking and security team with years of experience managing and monitoring enterprise-level networks. All these elements combined enable us to provide scalable, high availability, flexible data centre services for all your co-location, managed server, disaster recovery and business continuity requirements, as well as providing Internet and Ethernet services.

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