Southern Belting Ltd


Southern Belting Limited has been manufacturing conveyor belts for over 40 years. 

The whole process of extrusion and fitting profiles to conveyor belts is carried out at our factory using the latest H.F. Welding equipment. This allows us to produce conveyor belts with practically any type of profile.

We provide products of the highest quality. We provide our services to many industries including, optical, engineering, food, printing, construction, packaging and many others.


Conveyor Belting

Southern Belting Ltd stock a comprehensive range of conveyor belts. We have conveyor belts for various applications including the transportation of plastic components, packaged and unpackaged food.

If a breakdown occurred, we have the ability to dispatch completed conveyor belts within hours.

We also offer an on-site installation service for our conveyor belts.

Our conveyor belts can be supplied with fitted fasteners, vulcanised endless or as open lengths. They can also be supplied plain or fitted with flights, sidewall or guides all ex-works.

Conveyor Belting

Edge-seal Belting

Southern Belting Ltd manufacture Edge-seal Belting.

Edge-seal Belting is perfect for wet or food quality environments.

We can manufacture Edge-seal Belting in widths from 50mm - 1600mm and to any required length.

Edge-seal Belting

Mesh Belting

Mesh Belting is very hygienic and cleans easily. There properties make Mesh Belting perfect for the food industry.

We can produce Mesh Belting with  PVC or Polyurethane edges.

All of our Mesh Belting comes fitted with side edge strips. These act as strengtheners for the belting and we can produce them with up to 70mm in width.

We can supply Mesh Belting either with fitted stainless steel fasteners, endless or as an open length.
We can also produce Mesh Belting fitted with flights, sidewalls and, or guides if required.

Mesh Belting


At Southern Belting Ltd we can manufacture different varieties of sidewall.

We produce PU Soflex Minipitch sidewalls. These are available in any height from 25mm-100mm. They are welded onto the belts directly and are available in various colours.

We also manufacture PVC Soflex Reinforced sidewalls. These are made of 6mm thick reinforced PVC. We can produce them in white, or apple green and to any height from 20mm-100mm.

We also produce a variety of self-fit sidewalls in heights from 25mm - 100mm.


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