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We now Supply, Install and Maintain the Hyfire wireless fire alarm system which is a reliable quality wireless fire alarm solution which can be used for many types of buildings including commercial, residential and industrial.

All panels are fully approved and certified to EN54 part 2 & 4 and to the latest British Standards. Our range of equipment includes - smoke and heat detectors, multi-sensors, control and repeater panels, sounders, beacons and manual call points. 

Fire Alarm Systems

Our fire alarm systems use only a pair of cables to connect all of the smoke detectors, manual fire alarm call points and bells or sounders in your building. We supply fire alarm systems designed to save time and materials in the cabling of your building and will also therefore save you money.

Emergency Lighting Systems

We provide emergency lighting systems for use in the event of a power failure to quickly locate exits in case of a fire or other evacuation need. Our emergency lighting systems will help to identify exit routes from the premises. They operate automatically and give enough illumination to help people of all ages to evacuate the premises safely.

Nurse Call Systems

We supply reliable nurse call systems for use in care homes where residents or patients require assistance. Our nurse call systems operate on just a pair of thin wires and include the intercall range which is one of the best selling Nurse call systems in the UK.

If you need the facility of speech communication to rooms, this can be achieved using a hard wired system.

Door Holders and Closers

We supply an assortment of door holders and closers. Our door holders and closers can be wired into the fire alarm system and hold the fire door open. We provide arm type door closers de pull the fire door shut when the fire alarm sounds.

Access and Door Control Systems

Here at Southern Care Maintenance, we design access and door control systems to control the comings and goings of staff or visitors in your building. Our access and door control systems can be supplied with a simple single keypad or a PC-based systems to address multiple exits and doors. 

Fire Extinguishers

At Southern Care Maintenance, we supply and maintain a wide range of quality fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment. We ensure all fire extinguishers supplied by us are manufactured to British Standards BS EN3. Our fire extinguishers include:

  • Both new and refurbished units carry a full 12 month warranty
  • Stored pressure with a gauge for instant checking of charge condition
  • All new fire extinguishers are Kite marked guaranteeing quality
  • Easy squeeze grip operation
  • Controllable discharge
  • Clear printer instruction for easy use
  • Colour coded for quick identification
  • Complete with bracket for wall mounting
  • Easy to use


The Hyfire fire alarm system is the most technically advanced and innovative hybrid fire solution available in the UK, which can be used for many types of buildings; commercial, residential and industrial and are fully approved and certified to EN54 part 2 & 4 and to the latest British Standards.

The engineers carried out a full survey to assess the Produce Packaging sites’ suitability for the Hyfire wireless fire alarm system. This was to eliminate the possibility of interference of any other wireless systems close to the site.


Benefits of the Hyfire Fire Alarm System:         

  • Can be installed alongside an existing wired system to ensure a building is always covered for fire protection
  • Minimal disturbance and damage to building aesthetics
  • Easy to replace or upgrade an existing wired fire alarm system
  • Eliminates difficulties and costs associated with wired fire system

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