Southern Communications - Leased Lines

Southern Communications - Leased Lines give you a direct fibre or copper ethernet connection from your business to another office location and/or to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The connection is not shared with other users or businesses in your area, and you therefore get the full data bandwidth all of the time. Contended broadband circuits suffer reduced performance due to sharing that takes place within the network, and leased lines offer a reliable and higher quality connection.

  1. Business Broadband

    Business Broadband
    Broadband services are vital to any business. At Southern Communications our Business Broadband provides a competitively priced data service for the average business user. When running a business it is not acceptable to have hours of employee time spent waiting for files to download and hosted services, such as CRM systems and accounting packages, to respond. Data services are continually getting quicker and clearer, with options for uncontended services to ensure bandwidth is reserved for you for when you need it. At Southern Communications we offer a number of data services to meet the requirements of businesses today. Business Broadband is just one. Our Business Broadband service delivers speeds of up to 24Mbps at very competitive rates and is suitable for businesses with standard internet usage. We advise you to speak with our experts before investing in any data or broadband services to ensure you get the right solution for your business.
  2. Business Mobile Phones

    Business Mobile Phones
    Southern Communications provide a selection of mobile phones and tablets from all the leading manufacturers including: Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG, Apple and Motorola. With a choice of O2 and Vodafone networks, pay as you use or all inclusive tariffs we are confident we have a solution for your business. Whether you have a single phone or device or a number of users we provide competitive rates on monthly contracts with shared minutes, pay as you use and mobile data only tariffs.
  3. Call Logging

    Call Logging
    Whether you are looking for real-time call reporting or a breakdown of calls by departments for budgeting purposes Southern Communications have a solution for your business. Simple call logging and reporting, for the purposes of budget allocation can be provided very cost effectively and doesn't always need large investments in hardware and software. Often our fully itemised reporting provides the information needed. For real-time reporting there are a number of packages available, depending on the level of information required, whether you also require call recording facilities and the telephone systems you are using. To discuss the range of call logging options available speak with one of our experts today.
  4. Call Recording

    Call Recording
    Southern Communications offer line side and extension side call recording services to meet the needs of your business, your legal requirements and budgets. Our call recording services enable you to record and easily play back calls. You can choose from recording all calls, selecting calls to record by extension number or have the option for the operators to select the calls they wish to record with recording starting at the beginning or during the call. Before installing any call recording it is important to ensure you understand your legal responsibilities relating to recording telephone calls. Talk to our experts today.
  5. FTTC

    Southern Communications Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is a high speed, prioritised, internet connection with download speeds of up to 80MB. FTTC is fast and uncontended making it ideal for businesses wishing to eliminate latency. Especially important for businesses that download large files, stream information and use cloud based applications. Business considering FTTC should also consider EFM. Contact our team to help identify which solution best meets the needs of your business.
  6. Leased Lines

    Leased Lines
    Southern Communications provide Leased Lines. For more information on Leased Lines please contact us on 01256 391 046 or
  7. Line rentals

    Line rentals
    Whether you require analogue, digital, data lines, SIP or private circuits Southern Communications are able to provide high quality line rentals at excellent prices. We also provide exceptionally good rates for calls and data traffic. Call and data traffic is only routed over the highest quality of network so you can be assured your call quality and data connections will not be compromised. All our lines and circuits come with SLAs and disaster recovery plans to suit your business needs.
  8. Superfast Broadband

    Superfast Broadband
    Southern Communications Superfast Broadband is the ideal solution for businesses demanding better data download and upload performance. Higher bandwidth speeds, low contention and unlimited usage options enable businesses to speed up transfer of larger files and improve internet access.
  9. Telephone System Maintenance

    Telephone System Maintenance
    Southern Communications offer a prompt and professional maintenance service to minimise the downtime of your telephone system. Our engineers provide routine and ad-hoc maintenance, reprogramming, relocations and annual service contracts with built in SLAs. Our team of engineers have been trained to a high standard across all the leading brands of equipment including; NEC, Avaya, Splicecom, LG and BT to keep your business communications working. Our support team will also provide user training and carry out cabling, system updates and system re-programming services.
  10. Telephone Systems

    Telephone Systems
    Southern Communications supply, install and maintain telephone systems to businesses with 5-500+ staff. We offer independent advice across a wide range of traditional systems and hosted services including NEC, Avaya, Splicecom, LG and BT. Whether you have a single office, multiple sites and/or call centre(s) we can provide a competitively priced solution with additional services, if required, including call logging, call recording, private circuits, landlines, Data services and VoIP connections. User training is available for each and every installation.