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Sovereign Connections offers Far East electronic manufacturing resources to small and medium sized European companies. From a portfolio of ISO accredited companies, providing printed circuit boards, and electro-mechanical sub-assemblies, in consistent small batch quantities through to high volume production.

We also offer a range of bespoke enclosures for protecting computers and electronic equipment from harsh environments. Simple painted steel, to IP66, 316 stainless steel housings suitable for wash down applications. Whichsoever you choose, Sovereign Connections deliver competitively priced, tested, RoHS compliant, quality products.

Printed Circuit Boards

Specialising in printed circuit board assembly and environmental enclosure design and manufacture.

Sovereign Connections provide printed circuit boards and printed circuit board sub assemblies. From our accredited manufacturing we supply assembled and tested printed circuit boards, multiple board sub assemblies, and assembled units including printed circuit boards small looms, transformers etc built into their housings, tested and shipped to your door.

For an assured supply of quality subcontract manufacturing in key cost competitive areas of the world, Sovereign is the connection.

We have experience of providing printed circuit boards for operation in harsh environments where temperature fluctuations and high humidity require quality process management to ensure your equipment functions. From vending applications to instrument technology we have provided the printed circuit boards that control measure and deliver.

PC Enclosures

From manufacturing the electronics to protecting them within enclosures Sovereign and Sentinel can provide a complete solution. With experience of providing enclosures into the controlled Food and Pharmaceutical environments or specialist monitoring equipment mounted in exposed conditions we have provided solutions.

Environmental factors are one of the major causes of failure and reduced life expectancy of electronic equipment, from micro-controllers to computers, printers, and facsimile machines.

From a general perspective, integrated circuits and processor-controlled equipment are less tolerant of extremes such as heat, damp, and dust in the atmosphere, and therefore in environments where people need to wear protective clothing, the electronic equipment will also require protection.

PC Enclosures

Monitor Enclosures

Computer equipment is susceptible to dust. If you have ever removed the cover from any computer in an office or at home you will see this. Now imagine the effect of the dust, the power supply fan and the CPU fan with dried-out bearings, a coating of dust insulating the electronic devices and circuitry causing them to run "hot". What if this dust was also a conductor of electricity causing potential short-circuits.

Now think about the industrial environment where the main causes of failure are dust, dirt, water/liquid splash, high or low temperature, vibration, RF and EM Interference, Surges and Spikes on electrical mains supply, vandalism, equipment tampering, and accidental damage.

Sentinel Enclosures provide a safe and secure environment for your computers and electronics.

Monitor Enclosures

Enclosure Design Services

Whatever your requirements, if you have electronics that require protecting from the environment in which they need to operate, Sentinel Enclosures has the design experience to produce an enclosure to meet your needs.

For our Customer's we have designed enclosures which protect electronics operating within heavy washdown environments, where food and pharmaceutical products are manufactured. We have also enclosed specialist monitoring electronics that are required to operate in climatic extremes, from heavy industrial to ship borne applications we have provided protection.  

Why not take advantage of this experience, tell us your specific requirements and we'll have a solution for you no matter how large or small, we are only too happy to help.

Mechatronic Assemblies

Mechatronics is the technology of combining electronics and mechanical engineering to produce the product you require. Whether you require an enclosure to protect your electronics or a box build assembly to your own design Sovereign can provide, from component level to the finished tested product.

We can take your design from the drawing board to reality, we have the capability to produce both the enclosure and the electronics assemble and test them before delivering to your door.

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