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Space Airconditioning plc, is one of the largest independent Daikin distributor in the UK with over 35 years experience with offices around the UK. Space Air supplies Daikin’s extensive range of air conditioning systems and manufacturers a range of unique accessories.

A multi award winning company for it’s excellence in customer services from complete system design to after sales support. Space Air is acknowledged as one of the industry’s foremost suppliers of energy efficient heat pump air conditioning units, chillers and air handling units


Control Systems
• Inverter Heat Pumps - Air to Air and Air to Water
• VRV - VRF (Variable Refrigerant Volume - Variable Refrigerant Flow)
• Splits, Multi-Splits and Sky Air
• Chillers (applied systems)
• Air Cooled
• Water Cooled

• Air Handling Units including modular Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

¿• Air Purifiers

Since 1980, Space Air has supplied more Daikin products than any other company in the UK. The long serving employees at Space Air have a wealth of valuable industry knowledge with Daikin expertise that can’t be matched by any other company.

Daikin Air Conditioning Products

Air conditioning is “a system for controlling the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in a building or vehicle, typically to maintain a cool atmosphere in warm conditions.”* Daikin also include filtration within their air conditioning units. *English Oxford Dictionary

Daikin is the only manufacturer in the world that produces both air conditioning/heat pump equipment and refrigerants, making them the leaders at what they do. This advantage has enabled Daikin to be at the forefront in designing equipment fully optimised for the newer refrigerants such as R134a, R410A and R32. All Space Air Daikin products carry the standard 3 year manufacturer's warranty, however this can be extended to a 5 year guarantee (subject to terms and conditions). Space Air also supplies genuine Daikin spare parts and manufactures a large range of complementary accessories.

Daikin Air Conditioning Products

Daikin Products Training

Space Air considers good training to be a fundamental part of its business, so much so that it has a dedicated training facility, incorporating fully equipped lecture rooms and workshops.

‘Space Air Approved installers’ can only achieve this status after attending their own, comprehensive, 2 day training course and passing the final test at Space Air.

Space Air is committed to ensuring the highest possible installation standards within our industry. CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), J11/J14 or City and Guilds 2079 F Gas qualifications and F Gas Certification are a prerequisite of becoming a Space Air/Daikin approved installer. We also recommend technicians acquire the ACRIB (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industries Board) Skill Card.

Space Air also provides RIBA and CIBSE assessed CPD courses available for Architects and Consultants covering 3 topics:

1) Basic principles of air conditioning with comparisons between various system types.

2) Air source, air to water heat pump systems. Renewable heating to replace the conventional central heating system.

3) The Triple Whammy - current legislation impacting operators of Air Conditioning systems


Daikin Products Training

R22 Refrigerant Replacement

HCFC R-22 refrigerant became the most widely used air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration equipment in the world, however it was classified as an ozone-depleting substance and was the subject of a phase-out program under European Community (EC) Regulation. In the European Union it became illegal to use HCFC R-22, virgin or reclaimed, in any AC, heat pump or refrigeration equipment for service or maintenance purpose from January 2015.

Space Air has been in the industry since 1980, therefore may well have originally supplied a Daikin system operating with R22, if this is the case we will still hold the original records and can assist with a direct replacement system. Today's equivalent system will offer greater energy efficiencies, lower operating costs, better reliability and many other benefits. 

Dedicated technical R22 support services

Daikin created VRV-Q, one of the most energy efficient, reliable, flexible and sophisticated systems designed specifically to replace HCFC R-22 equipment whilst retaining the existing pipe-work and some types of indoor fan coil units, subject to survey findings. This enables minimal disruption and is cost effective.

Space Air is so confident that they can provide the best support system to assist any building operators that need their R22 systems replaced, than any other company, they have created a dedicated R22 replacement consulting team.

The replacement consulting team will:

• Explain the current legislation and implications for the old equipment.
• Prepare and distribute comprehensive information literature.
• Take the basic details.
• Research any existing records of the original equipment.
• Conduct a full site survey if required.
• Determine the original and current comfort cooling/heating needs of the building.
• Prepare a replacement proposal outlining the available options.
• Offer advice and assistance with any incentive schemes; grant support, interest free loans or finance.

R22 Refrigerant Replacement

Daikin Residential Units

Daikin split system heat pump air conditioners are ultra reliable, easy to operate, quiet running and include a wide choice of stylish indoor units that will complement their surroundings. Advanced inverter control limits energy consumption and ensures that the desired room temperature is reached quickly and maintained, free from power surges and stop/ start cycle.

Daikin Residential Units

Daikin Commercial Units

Daikin Sky Air and VRV systems represent the ultimate in commercial air conditioning. Ideal for practically any commercial application, they are among the most energy efficient, reliable, flexible and sophisticated systems for indoor environmental management on the market today. Ranging in outputs from 7.1kW (4HP) to 180kW (54HP), the systems combine advanced technology with hard to beat economy from purchase and installation to daily operation.

Daikin has launched the new VRV IV which has improved features such as Variable Refrigerant Temperature, Defrost Accumulator( continuous heating), VRV Configuration software, simplified commissioning, Uploadable system settings and is compatible with Daikin’s new iTM controller.

Daikin’s new iTM is the complete package for building climate control that is integrated with intelligent control solutions for a variety of different applications.

Daikin Commercial Units

Daikin Applied Units

Daikin air-cooled, water-cooled and remote condenser chillers combine a unique blend of compressor and refrigerant development with production expertise, offering precise water control and low running costs for commercial, industrial and process applications throughout an extended working life. Used in conjunction with Daikin water to air fan coil units they provide excellent alternative comfort cooling and heat pump solutions for applications not suited to VRV and split systems. Utilising Scroll, Inverter Scroll, Stepless capacity control Screw compressor and operating with R-314a, R407C, R-410a, the choice available is among the most comprehensive in the market place. 

Daikin Applied systems also include a comprehensive and extremely versatile range of high quality, modular Air Handling Units.


Daikin Applied Units

Daikin Control Systems

Daikin control systems are available for the smallest room air conditioning system to the highly sophisticated, computerised, total building services management networks. Daikin control systems are user friendly and provide precise regulation for both small and large applications.

Hand held and wall mounted units ensure an even room temperature, night and day. Larger central monitoring and control systems provide commercial users with valuable fuel consumption, air conditioning and performance data.

Daikin Control Systems

Space Air's Bespoke Accessories & Spare Parts

Space Air has developed a range of more than 500 accessory items, complementing Daikin's range of air conditioning and heat pump equipment. Manufactured in-house, these accessories can be factory fitted or supplied loose.

Space Air’s accessories are renowned for meeting exact requirements, enabling single source procurement simplifying installation and reducing cost.

Space Air also supplies genuine Daikin spare parts and operates a state of the art, automated parts shuttle system. The Company normally stocks over 5,000 spare part items (not including larger items e.g. compressors and coils). They also have a dedicated department to support maintenance and service companies in the supply of any 'parts' for Daikin equipment.

Space Air's Bespoke Accessories & Spare Parts

Daikin Heat Pump Products

Daikin is one of the largest manufacturers of heat pump equipment in the world, with an extensive range of over 600 energy efficient models, designed to satisfy almost any type of application. Because Daikin is the only manufacturer in the world that produces both air conditioning/heat pump equipment and refrigerants, they remain at the very forefront of product innovation and development.  

The Daikin Altherma range of air source air to water heat pumps have been designed to replace the conventional fossil fuel, combustion based central heating systems, offering greatly reduced carbon emissions, lower operating costs and increased reliability/longevity

The new wall mounted hydrobox, combined hydrobox / water storage cylinder with the new intuitive controller was launched this year by Daikin Altherma which has increased their energy efficiency and are available from Space Air Solutions Lltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Space Airconditioning plc. 

Space Air Solutions supplies Daikin Altherma systems complete with prefabricated piping kits for easy installation, easy to understand operational guides and consumer units with wattmeters to monitor energy consumption.

Daikin Heat Pump Products
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