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Space Seal (Midlands) Ltd is located in Wolverhampton just off junction 12 of the M6. We have been a family business since 1979. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the service and quality required to stay competitive within our industry. Our customer base is varied from the car enthusiast building his own car to international companies. We process for automotive companies i.e. Land Rover, Aston Martin, Cosworth, BMW, Jaguar, and non automotive i.e. Mira, Cummins, Caterpillar, Perkins, JCB, Wabco, Siemens, etc. We have ISO9001:2008 accreditation.

Impregnation Services

-Seals micro porosity within ferrous and non-ferrous materials/castings. Sealant used is PC504/66 . Impregnation seals micro porosity within casting walls to ensure the casting does not leak air or fluids under pressure. Impregnation is also used to ensure there are no trapped gases within the castings prior to painting or other surface treatments. Our impregnation is a vacuum and pressure process applied to all ferrous and non-ferrous materials. We can also impregnate brass, mild steel, plastic, and sinter parts. We can also impregnate parts that are machined, painted, anodised, alocromed, or cast. We can process parts weighing up to 2 tonne and with a diameter of approximately 1300mm

Metal Surface Treatment

-Hexivalent & trivalent passivate of aluminium & zinc components, to prevent against corrosion, or aid paint adhesion. Chemicals used SurTec 680 & 650. Known as chromation or alocrom. We use many different surface treatments but they all have mainly two purposes, one is to prevent corrosion (white rust) on both aluminium and zinc. There are many different names for these process i.e. Alocrom, passivation, and chromation. There are two types of corrosion preventives we use hexivalent and trivalent. Hexivalent is a chromium based solution which most industries are phasing out of production. Trivalent has less chromium in the solution so is more environmentally friendly. The second purpose is for a superior paint adhesion on parts.

Metal Cleaning Processes

- There are three types of cleaning processes we offer – chemical cleaning, Dry blast cleaning and rust/corrosion removal. Chemical cleaning is carried out on sand castings to help to remove loose sand. We put the components through various chemical etches and high-pressure rinse. Dry blast cleaning is more of a cosmetic finish on cast or machined components. They are subjected to a high-pressure air mixed with a very fine glass bead, so it does not alter the tolerances on machined faces. This creates a uniform finish like a satin look. This is a process that cleans each component individually so if only one part needs cleaning the finish can be achieved. Rust/corrosion removal cleaning can be achieved on iron, zinc, and aluminium. This cleaning process subjects the components to an acid chemical etch and rinses.

Cast Metal Shotblasting

–We can shotblast all ferrous and non ferrous metals but only in the cast state. We use a tumble grit machine which tumbles the components slowly to ensure a complete universal finish. The shotblasting can be used as a pre-treatment to ensure a uniformed coating of surface treatments i.e. chromating, plating etc, or to remove corrosion and rust from components, and to remove any burrs or flashing left on the components. We use a very fine steel grit media, which is almost a dust.

Pressure testing

- Pressure testing is carried out on cast or machined components using air under water or for greater pressures hydraulic testing facilities. Pressure testing replicates the components function out in the field, so if components need to be air or fluid tight pressure testing will show if there are any leaks . Pressure testing will also show how severe the leak and the location. Air under water can be tested to 7 bar (100 psi). Water hydraulic testing we can test up to 300 bar (4000 psi). Space Seal can manufacture a pressure testing fixture or we can use a fixture supplied by the customer to test. The benefits of Space Seal carrying out the pressure testing on components is our experienced staff can decide whether the components would require a single or double impregnation or if the components are rejects. The other benefits are that if the parts leak we can seal them without the added cost and time of delivering the parts to and from us.

Sulphuric anodising

– Various colours applied for a uniformed cosmetic finish. Does apply a protection to aid against corrosion.

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